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Welcome to my blog, where you will find the best network marketing information to help you to succeed in your home business.


Hello, my name is Richard Brokenshire and I’m glad you decided to visit my blog. My goal is to provide you with effective information and tools that will help you become a successful internet network marketer.


For many people, sales remain a mystery. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world, but most people never put a few pieces together to make a profit.


Sometimes they read about it for years looking for secrets and ways to breakthrough, but the money is always elusive.


Making a full time income in business is possible and many people are doing it? But how can it happen for you?


I’m absolutely convinced that a lot of people are just giving up too soon. They don’t quite master the skills that are necessary to succeed.


Here comes a really important thing … the warning part of this article:


The Internet is a fantastic tool, but it’s loaded with traps, and many people who will sell you half of the tools that you need to become successful. After all, do they really want you to build a real business? Keep in mind, if you become successful you won’t need them or their products anymore. So I’ll ask you again, do they want you to succeed?


Unfortunately they have a reputation that precedes them. It’s easy to fall for the hype when you are at your wits end and you haven’t made money yet.


On my blog you will find advice and real world action plans to help you move forward as a person and in your business life. You may find the “tough love” approach difficult to face but if you stick with it you will put it all together and finally realize the your dream of a successful business.


My first bit of advice is this:


The four main things you need to concentrate on are as follows:


1. Get yourself into profit as quickly as possible

2. Generate your own, quality leads

3. Call or contact your leads the same day as they are generated

4. Have a long term follow-up system in place


You can’t control what the industry, your company, your up line or down line does, but you can control the four things above.


Which one do you think network marketers have the most challenge with? You guessed it, #1.  We are in a money making business. If you don’t make any money, sooner or later you will have to quit.


I can tell you from personal experience that your friends and family members are not the kind of leads that your business needs. Your brother-in-law or postman are probably not the best people to try to get involved in your business. However, all of these people might be willing to support you by buying one or more of your products.


Once you are able to generate a profit, recruiting people into your company will be a bit easier. When a prospect asks you, “How much money are you making?” you’ll have a real answer.


It becomes much easier when the prospects know that you’ll be able to show them how to become profitable, like you!



Thank you!

Richard Brokenshire



You want what I got … don’t you?


People who have jobs make money.  Are you making money in network marketing?


is there money in network marketing



If someone happens to be in network marketing, it seems that one of their jobs is to make every other form of earning a living out to be some sort of evil. Maybe I exaggerate a bit there. On one hand the network marketer will say something like, “There’s nothing wrong with having a job.” The next thing that they say is, “I’d rather put a red hot poker up my nose, than have a job.”


Then there is the guru who says, “It’s a stone cold fact, that we have a better way.”


I hate to break it to him, but I’d say that a higher percentage of employees make money than the percentage that make money in network marketing.


I’ve heard it said that owning your own business is just creating a job for yourself. In some cases that’s true, but not in all cases.


I heard one network marketer say that they’d rather take a cyanide pill than to have employees.


I heard someone say that if you aren’t building a business is order to sell it then you’re some sort of nut job. The same person has repeatedly said that it takes many years for a business owner to become profitable. There is some truth to that. The business people who have invested large sums of money to get started may take many years to turn a true profit. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t making money. They finance loans and make payments for years so they aren’t really in profit until those loans are paid off, but they are pulling money out of the business to live off of.


The more that I’ve had to hear these network marketer say these things the madder I’m getting.


In theory, network marketing is a better way and anyone who reaches the top level will have no problem telling you that. I agree with them, to a certain extent. You don’t have nearly the overhead in network marketing. You don’t have to carry a large inventory. You don’t have to have a store front. You don’t have to have employees. You don’t have to make payroll every week. There’s a lot to like about network marketing. However, there’s a lot not like about network marketing. The worst thing is that only about 3% of network marketers ever make any money. When push comes to shove, most people are going to have to opt for a job rather than losing money in network marketing.


in theory network marketing is better


Unfortunately, network marketers call these people anything from idiots to losers or quitters.


Personally, I can’t blame them.


I’d like to hold myself up for example in the job vs. business owner debate.


I got my first job at 16. I worked part time, while I was going to school and at age 22 I went to work full time. I got sick of having a job by the time I was 26 at which time I started my own business. I had $135.00 to my name, at the time. I was in profit within my first month of business. I set my own hours and I got to pick my own clients. Did I just create a job for myself. Yeah, probably so. That was okay, I liked what I did, even though it was labor intense. I worked 5 hours per day, 5 or 6 day a week. I worked 25 to 30 hours per week and I made pretty good money, for 1985. At least I didn’t have a boss looking over my shoulder telling me what to do!


I worked in my business for 16 maybe 17 years and then I started to hire employees. I have phased myself out of working “in the business.” I manage it now. I have no intentions of ever selling it. Well, I don’t think that I will. I may have my kids take over the business, some day.


I’ve also been a network marketer for many of those years. In theory, network marketing is better, but in the really world it ain’t that great. I keep working on my business and hopefully, one day, I’ll see you at the top!


Not everyone wants the same things for their lives.


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The top 10 things that will get a network marketer mad


network marketer is mad




I was a big David Letterman fan and felt that he should’ve gotten the Tonight Show gig and not Leno. I just thought Letterman was a funnier guy than Leno! Anyway … in honor of David Letterman, here is my top 10 things that get network marketers mad.


I have had most of these things happen to me in one company or another, but I do have to say that I have not suffered all of them. That’s my disclaimer.



Not having enough to time run your business because you have a job


This is very common with network marketers. Most distributors already have a full time job and a family. Then add in a business to run. Just trying to find enough time to run a business properly is a big challenge. It can be extremely frustrating and certainly can get a network marketer mad!



Your upline quits


This should be something that is merely an inconvenience, but a lot of the time it turn into something that is career ending. This is especially true for a new distributor. What happens is their personal sponsor quits and leaves them orphaned. The new distributor doesn’t know anyone else in the company so they die on the vine never to be heard from again. This can get you mad.



Helping an ungrateful downline member


There may be worse things, but this is something that can get anyone mad. They spend a lot of time teaching, training and helping a downline more than the downline member works for themselves. This is about the same thing as picking them up and trying to carry them to the next rank advancement. I don’t know about you, but this one really gets my blood boiling.



You’re not getting any results


You’ve plugged into your company’s system or maybe it’s your upline’s system. You’ve done the work and you haven’t gotten all of those wonderful result that they said you’d get. They will tell you to go out and talk to more people. You don’t have much of a choice, so you continue to follow their advice. Still nothing happens. Who do you get mad at, in this case? The company, the system or yourself for continuing to listen to them?



You can’t find new leads


This is also a business killer. They tell you to go through your warm market, first. Once you do that, what’s next? Now you have to generate your own leads. Even if you figure out how to get leads on your own, you can have dry spells when you can’t find a new lead anywhere. Does that get you mad, too?


network marketing is a tough business



Having an upline that is pushy and tries to micro manage your downline for you


There aren’t too many things that will irritate you like having an upline who turns into a mother hen once you have a downline in place. You want to tell them to leave you and your people alone, but they are your upline. This is quite maddening. Your being a rock and your sponsor.



Your new distributor goes AWOL


Some people call this going into the witness protection program. Whatever you call it, it’s not fun. You found a good prospect. You get them through your funnel and they see the company’s compensation plan. They even sign up. They tell you that they will tear this business up. You make the mistake of believing them and you go out and put a down payment on that new Corvette you’ve been wanting. The next thing you know, you’re greatest thing since sliced bread distributor is no where to be found. How mad does that get you?



The company changes the pay plan or the product formula


Who are these geniuses in the front office? Do they really have any idea what they are doing? If I’m asked to take a drastic pay cut so the company can make more money, then things are going to get ugly, quickly.



One of your downline quits


This one is similar to #4, but this distributor is kind enough to tell you that they are quitting the business. They probably aren’t brand new distributors. They have tried everything to get this business to work for them, but they just can’t make it happen. They’re tired, they’re broke and they’re done! It’s difficult to get mad at these distributors, but you still do!


And the #1 thing that will get a network marketer mad … drum roll please!


a drum roll for our mad network marketer



One of your downline quits, joins another network marketing company and then they come back and they try to recruit your downline out from under you.


This is the worst. You’ve probably worked with them and you know them personally. You’ve helped them and you trusted them. This is how they repay you. This is like getting a knife in the back. This one actually hurts you to your core. You do recover from it and then you get mad at them!!


Well, there you have it. The top 10 things that will get a network marketer mad. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have anything to add to the list, feel free to post them in the comments section.


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I’m just curious, would you like to have people beg to hear your business presentation?



I just found out that there is a way to get people to ask you for a business presentation. Would it be okay if I showed you how to do that?


I really wish that I had invented this technique, but I didn’t. If I had, I would’ve saved myself a lot of grief and a lot of time. Actually, I’ve already use this technique in this article. Did you recognize it? Not many people would, so don’t feel bad if you missed it. It’s so subtle that virtually no one will pick up on it. The best thing about this technique is that you can use it in almost any situation.


The technique will stop people in their tracks, freeze their minds and allow you to talk directly to their subconscious minds. It’s the subconscious mind that makes all of the decisions, so don’t you think that you should be talking to it?


I’m just curious, if you could learn this technique would it help you to recruit people into your business?


I just found out that there is a teacher who is willing to tell you all about it.


Would it be okay if I ask you to watch this video to learn how to do this exact technique?


If this article, short as it is, made you want to watch the video then it worked. I’ve actually used this technique twice in this article. Get did you pick up on it the second time?


This is the video that I learned the technique from. It is from Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. He is one of my favorite network marketing teachers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


I’m just curious, are you really going to watch this video?



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