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Hello, my name is Richard Brokenshire and I’m glad you decided to visit my blog. My goal is to provide you with effective information and tools that will help you become a successful internet network marketer.

For many people, sales remain a mystery. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world, but most people never put a few pieces together to make a profit.

Sometimes they read about it for years looking for secrets and ways to breakthrough, but the money is always elusive.

Making a full time income in business is possible and many people are doing it? But how can it happen for you?

I’m absolutely convinced that a lot of people are just giving up too soon. They don’t quite master the skills that are necessary to succeed.

Here comes a really important thing … the warning part of this article:

The Internet is a fantastic tool, but it’s loaded with traps, and many people who will sell you half of the tools that you need to become successful. After all, do they really want you to build a real business? Keep in mind, if you become successful you won’t need them or their products anymore. So I’ll ask you again, do they want you to succeed?

Unfortunately they have a reputation that precedes them. It’s easy to fall for the hype when you are at your wits end and you haven’t made money yet.

On my blog you will find advice and real world action plans to help you move forward as a person and in your business life. You may find the “tough love” approach difficult to face but if you stick with it you will put it all together and finally realize the your dream of a successful business.

My first bit of advice is this:

The three main things you need to concentrate on are as follows:

1. Generate your own, quality leads

2. Call or contact your leads the same day as they are generated

3. Have a long term follow-up system in place

4. Have a quality business plan that anyone can follow and duplicate

You can’t control what the industry, your company, your up line or down line does, but you can control the three things above.

Which one do you think network marketers have the most challenge with? You guessed it, #1.  Although, picking up a phone that weighs 100 pounds can be tough! Most people seem to have difficulty in generating leads.

I can tell you from personal experience that your friends and family members are not the kind of leads that your business needs. Your brother-in-law or postman are probably not the best people to try to get involved in your business.

Maybe chasing down your friends worked in the 1960s but this is the 21st century. You need to move your thinking to the computer age! The good prospects are online right now. You just need to find them.

You may read about “attraction marketing.” It’s really nothing but putting a help wanted ad in front of someone who is looking for that kind of “job.” It’s not rocket science. Anyone can do that.


Thank you!

Richard Brokenshire

19 Positive affirmations for network marketers


19 positive affirmations


positive affirmations


I am a big believer in self talk. What you say to yourself really does effect you in all areas of your life. Your self talk can give you a positive or a negative outlook on life. If you have a positive outlook on life, you’re more likely to be successful in your endeavors. If you have a negative outlook on life, you’re less likely to succeed in your endeavors.


Notice that I said less likely and more likely. Nothing is guaranteed. You can have a successful person who is a grouch and you can have someone with a positive attitude who never finds success. We’re just trying to stack the odds in our favor with positive affirmations.


I’d like to say that I made up any of the follow affirmations, but I didn’t. I do have it on pretty good authority that these are some of the very best affirmations that you can use. These are daily affirmations, so be sure to use them daily! They are best said out loud and I would suggest looking at yourself in a mirror when you say them. I know it’s kind of weird to do that, but you will get used to doing that. I believe that repeating them 2 or 3 times will enhance their effect.


I do have to issue a disclaimer. Most of us have many years of negative “stuff” in our minds. Between our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers and anyone else we may have come in contact with, we have a lot of junk stored away in there. Positive affirmations will not overwrite the negative stuff. All we can do is to put so much positive stuff, positive affirmations, in there that the negative gets overwhelmed and is sort of crowded out of the way.


This process does time to notice any differences. If you are willing to do this for at least 30 days, you will start to see some changes. They might be small changes, at first, but they will be noticeable. If you give them enough time, they can make major changes in you and in your life!


give the positive affirmations 30 days to start to work


Here’s the list of 19 positive affirmations


Everything that I do prospers


I have the ability to create wealth, for myself and my family


I have a spirit of love, power and self discipline


I am free from defeat


I am called to a higher purpose


I am more than good enough


I exchange my weakness for strength


I am blessed


I give my self permission to live my life with boldness, freedom and confidence


I guard my heart and my mind because they determine the course of my life


I am capable and can do all things


I do not walk in shame, I walk in victory


I have plans that give me hope and a future


I will overcome all obstacles in my way


I will not give up


I will seek help when I need help


I do not complain, I look for solutions


I will help those who come after me


I will forgive all things, so I will be forgiven


I hope that you will give these positive affirmations a chance to work!


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“It’s all your fault?”


Another guru speaks


damn gurus


I was listening to a podcast the other day and I heard another guru blame the distributors who don’t make it to the top levels of their company’s pay plan. Really? Why do that?


Well, my first reaction was one of anger. I don’t understand why the gurus and their groupies insist on blaming the distributors. The theme of the talk was that if you fail in network marketing, you have no one else to blame, but yourself. It’s the words you use and the mindset you have. It boils down to self belief and self worth.


If you aren’t using the right words, you are bound to fail. He suggested that you never sat the words, “I can’t …” He called out a list of negative words not use. He said that you manifest your destiny by the words you use.


To a certain extent, I think that he is right about this. Using negative words can get your mind thinking negatively and this can occupy your mind enough so that it won’t be working on how to solve what ever problems you have.


I do believe that a lot of success is based on what you have your mind concentrate on. It has a lot to do with whether you believe in yourself and if you think you are worth the money that you want to make. If you think that you aren’t worth the $100,000, that you want to make, then more than likely, you won’t make that much money.


This kind of explains why a lot of lottery winners end up broke.


Side story:

We had a big lottery winner in our county and they did crazy things with the money. They built a multi-million dollar home that even had a bowling alley in the basement. It was right next to their 50 seat movie theater. Unfortunately for them, they had to sell the home 3 years later. They were broke and needed the money.


podcater says what


The podcaster said that when he does one on one coaching he finds out about his clients mindset. He doesn’t even care about their marketing plan.


Here is a bit of my story and you tell me if my mindset was right for success. I reached the top level of a MLM about 7 years ago. Yippee! It took me about a year to do it. A few weeks after I reached the top level, one of the founding partners took off with all the money and the client list. Needless to say, the company went under, right after that. When I started out, I believed in the 2 products they had for sale. I thought that we could help a lot of people with them. My only reason why I was building the business was that I wanted to make a lot of money.


I had the mindset of a business owner, because I had been a business owner for over 20 years, at the time. Was that enough for the guru to say that I was ready to make a lot of money?


Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Who knows? My upline had, actually, helped me with the “How” part of the equation. Which is why I am, mostly, convinced that it is the “How” that everyone needs and not the “Why.”


The other side of the fence


white picket fence


Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he is right. You do need to have the mindset and self belief in order to become successful in network marketing. It would explain a few things. It would explain why so few people ever make it to the top levels of their company’s pay plan. It would explain why those people who buy the gurus “how to” programs don’t all find wild success. It would be interesting to find out what percent of their customers actually find success with the guru’s programs.


If he is completely right, then we should all find some sort of success oriented psychotherapist to go to. Someone who can guide us to the right mindset, self belief and self worth. Wouldn’t it be worth a year or two on someone’s couch, in order to make the big bucks?


There’s an interesting thought. I wonder if there are success oriented psychotherapists out there?


find a good shrink


Ultimately, I think that he is wrong in believing that it is all about mindset. I also think that I am wrong in thinking that it is all about knowing the “How” to build a business.


I think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It takes both, a proper mindset and the know how to build a business, to be a success.


The moral of this story:


If you believe, as I do, that it takes both things to be a success in business, then work on both parts.


Final thoughts:


I don’t think that it is a good idea to, continually, blame the distributors for their failure. Even if it happens to be their fault, most people are not going to accept the blame and it just gets them mad. What good comes out of that? Saying to someone who hasn’t made it in network marketing that, “Your “Why” wasn’t big enough,” is pointless. Stop it!


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Is your MLM business profitable?


Or are you going to quit?


you need to be in profit


That may sound harsh, but those are your 2 choices. Either you will make money or you will quit this business and you will quit in the next 90 days. Statistically speaking, anyway.


I wrote a book, several years ago, called, “The 27 reason why people quit network marketing.” It is yet unpublished. It is a good book filled with the reasons why people end up quitting their businesses and I offered solutions to those problems.


I decided to not publish it because I now believe that there is 1 core reason why people quit, they aren’t making money!


I think that my 27 reasons may be the causes of them quitting. It still boils down to one question.


Are you making money?”


That will be the deciding factor when you think about quitting. If you are making some money, you are more likely to continue trying to build a business. If you aren’t, you’re out.


Your sponsor will be wondering why you didn’t see the dream. You’ll be wondering why they didn’t help you make money.


How do you make money in network marketing?


you have to be making money


There are 3 ways, that I know of. You can sell your products. You can sell your opportunity and you can sell books and CDs. I only put selling books and CDs because that’s how the top earners, the gurus, make most of their money.


Selling your products


This is probably the best way to get yourself into profit. Where do you think the money comes from to pay the top earners? The majority of it comes from selling the company’s products. This is why the company requires to to buy or sell a certain amount of the products in order to stayed “qualified.” The company let’s you can buy the products yourself or sell them to other people to stay “qualified.”


Will you get rich selling the products? No, probably not, but selling them gets you 2 things. The first is that you will stay “qualified” to get a check each month and the second thing is that you can get yourself into profit.


Selling your opportunity


This is when you sponsor someone into your business. Not all companies give you a bonus for recruiting, but a lot of them still do. Are you going to get rich by recruiting people into your business? No, probably not. What? I know you think I am crazy for saying that, but think about this way. If you get $100.00 to sponsor someone and you recruit 50 people, in your entire career, the industry average is 3, you’ll bring in a whopping $5,000.00. Trust me when I say that making $5,000.00 is not rich.


If you want to make it to the top of your company’s pay plan, then you need to recruit a lot of people who buy and the sell the products.

But …

It all comes back to selling the products!


If you want to retain more distributors, get them into profit! Teach them to sell the products.


Most people, who join their business to make the big bucks, think that the only way to get there it to recruit, recruit, recruit. I know that seems like the right thing to do. We’re all taught to run our businesses that way. If this way worked, we wouldn’t have a 98% failure rate.


Please think about it!!!


I’ve decided that I won’t recruit anyone who doesn’t absolutely LOVE our company’s products!


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