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Welcome to my blog, where you will find the best network marketing information to help you to succeed in your home business.


Hello, my name is Richard Brokenshire and I’m glad you decided to visit my blog. My goal is to provide you with effective information and tools that will help you become a successful internet network marketer.


For many people, sales remain a mystery. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world, but most people never put a few pieces together to make a profit.


Sometimes they read about it for years looking for secrets and ways to breakthrough, but the money is always elusive.


Making a full time income in business is possible and many people are doing it? But how can it happen for you?


I’m absolutely convinced that a lot of people are just giving up too soon. They don’t quite master the skills that are necessary to succeed.


Here comes a really important thing … the warning part of this article:


The Internet is a fantastic tool, but it’s loaded with traps, and many people who will sell you half of the tools that you need to become successful. After all, do they really want you to build a real business? Keep in mind, if you become successful you won’t need them or their products anymore. So I’ll ask you again, do they want you to succeed?


Unfortunately they have a reputation that precedes them. It’s easy to fall for the hype when you are at your wits end and you haven’t made money yet.


On my blog you will find advice and real world action plans to help you move forward as a person and in your business life. You may find the “tough love” approach difficult to face but if you stick with it you will put it all together and finally realize the your dream of a successful business.


My first bit of advice is this:


The four main things you need to concentrate on are as follows:


1. Get yourself into profit as quickly as possible

2. Generate your own, quality leads

3. Call or contact your leads the same day as they are generated

4. Have a long term follow-up system in place


You can’t control what the industry, your company, your up line or down line does, but you can control the four things above.


Which one do you think network marketers have the most challenge with? You guessed it, #1.  We are in a money making business. If you don’t make any money, sooner or later you will have to quit.


I can tell you from personal experience that your friends and family members are not the kind of leads that your business needs. Your brother-in-law or postman are probably not the best people to try to get involved in your business. However, all of these people might be willing to support you by buying one or more of your products.


Once you are able to generate a profit, recruiting people into your company will be a bit easier. When a prospect asks you, “How much money are you making?” you’ll have a real answer.


It becomes much easier when the prospects know that you’ll be able to show them how to become profitable, like you!



Thank you!

Richard Brokenshire



Don’t sell yourself short!




Is your subconscious mind working against you?


your subconscious mind



Almost everyone who joins a network marketing company has a not so good mindset. These can be things like self limiting beliefs, self limiting behaviors and bad habits. I think that one’s income is directly tied to one’s mindset.


I believe that everyone is getting paid exactly what they believe they should be paid. I’m not talking about what their conscious mind believes. Your conscious mind is a big talker and it thinks you’re worth $1,000,000 per hour. I’m talking about your subconscious mind. That’s the part of your mind that has absorbed all of the negative comments people have said to you. It has listened very well and it has internalize everything. It’s this part of your mind that matters. It decides what you will be paid.


This is why everyone, not just network marketers, needs to do a lot of soul searching to find out exactly how damaged they really are. It’s the damages that will hold you back.


Unfortunately, most people are unwilling to sit on a couch, for several years, and work through all of these things. In lieu of that, you can work on yourself by reading self help books, listen to CD on self improvement or any of a number of things that the self improvement industry has distributed.


How do these damaged areas of our subconscious manifest themselves?


Here is a list of 6 ways that you may see it yourself.


Comparing yourself to others


This one is extremely common. I’ve done this myself. I look at someone who is better at something than I am and the first thing that I say is, “I’ll never be that good at it.” It’s basic human nature to want to compare yourself to others. Unfortunately, when you look at someone else, you don’t know if they’ve been at it for years and are just now getting that good or whether they had a trainer to help them get that good. You’re comparing where you are to where they have gotten to. This could stop you before you even get started.


Seeing the long road ahead


When you think about how far and how long it will take for you to get good at something, it will seem so far away. The strange thing about time is that when you look forward it seems so long. When you look back it seems like just yesterday. Looking 5 years into the future seems like it is too long to wait, but if you look 5 years in the past it doesn’t seem long at all. Don’t think of your journey to success as a 5 year journey. Take it one day at a time.


Poverty scripts


Poverty scripts are things that you say to yourself that express a lack of something that you need in order to be successful. Two of the most often used poverty scripts are, “I don’t have the money” or “I don’t have the time.” If you are already in business, it manifest itself like this, “I’ve spent way too much money on advertising already.” or “I want free leads. I don’t want to pay for them.” Any money that you are willing to spend on your business is an investment and not an expense. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business!


It’s better to look foolish working, than it is to look good on the sidelines


build your dream


Most people join a network marketing company and do nothing with it. I think that this is because people don’t want to look foolish in front of their friends and relatives. One would have to be crazy to get involved in “one of those things.” Yes, when you get involved in “one of those things,” everyone who you contact might think of you in a different light. You need to be okay with that or you’ll never get started.


Focusing on the past instead of what could be in the future


If you are focusing your attention on your past, you won’t be looking at what your future could be. It doesn’t matter what has happened to you in the past or how many failures you’ve had. The future can change if you are willing to change yourself.


Zig Ziglar said it like this:


You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind.”


This is your chance to change what’s going into your mind!


Time management


If you find yourself wasting time, it might be your subconscious mind sabotaging you. If you get distracted easily or find yourself watching too much TV when you know you should be working, you may be feeling the effects of your subconscious.


If you are selling yourself short by listening to your subconscious mind, you need to do something about it. If you aren’t one for therapy, then read as many self books as you can and look at yourself objectively. If you can’t do that, then asked a trusted friend or relative to help you to find your shortcomings. They may be able to see what you cannot.


You will be paid exactly what your subconscious mind thinks that you are worth!


Thank you to Ray Higdon who inspired this article.


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What’s the deal with attraction marketing?



Is attraction marketing the best thing since sliced bread?


attraction marketing



I bought the book “Magnetic Sponsoring.” I bought it about 4 years ago. It was all the talk of the industry. Everyone was telling me, “You have to read this book. It’s a game changer.” Okay, I read it. I wondered what the big deal was. It seemed like it was saying, stop chasing people. That every network marketer should become the hunted and not the hunter.


It seems like a sound concept. I’d rather have people asking me about my business rather than trying to talk to everyone I know to see if they want to join a network marketing company. I know that I hate prospecting. There’s way too much rejection waiting for the average network marketer and who wants to go through all of that nonsense.


Attraction marketing was supposed to cure all of that.


Have they?


I’ve followed a lot of people who implemented the attraction marketing tactics. I’ve seen them come and go over the years. I’ve also heard and seen some fantastic success stories. People like Rob Fore, Mark Harbert and Diane Hochman, come to mind. They would tell you that attraction marketing is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Who’s right?


I don’t know. I’d like to believe that attraction marketing is the Holy Grail of network marketing. I want to believe! However, I’ve seen too many people go by the wayside. I go back and forth with this.


I decided to look at one of the companies that have been built on the information and strategies contained in Magnetic Sponsoring. It’s called MLSP. The a fore mentioned successful network marketers all belong to this company. I’m not here to do a review of this company, at this time. Maybe if I did, it would give me some clarity on the matter. It might settle, once and for all, if I like the strategy or not.


I looked up the MLSP income disclaimer statement. As far as I know, they are not a network marketing company. They do publish some information, but not much. This is what they say:


For the month of September 2016, we sent checks to 18% of affiliates with an active account. The average amount of each check was $794.61.”


The first thing that I notice is that they claim to have paid 18% of their affiliates. On the surface that sounds pretty good. They say that those are affiliates with an “active account.” They don’t define “active account.” The second thing that I notice is that the average check that is paid is less than $800.00. They don’t take into account the money that their affiliates are spending each month to make their $800.00. It may be that a lot of people are actually losing money.


attraction marketing profit or loss


What concerns me about these numbers is that I would think that if attraction marketing was “all that,” they would have a lot better numbers than what they are showing. I would think that if their strategies were so good that more than 18% of their people would be able to make money with them. Unfortunately, that’s not what the numbers are saying.


I’m sure that the successful people in MLSP would say the same things that the successful people in any network marketing company would say. “It’s the fault of the marketer and not the system.”


I have no experience with the company, so I won’t pass judgment on them. I’ll let you decide for yourself.


The other thing that they say in their IDS is that they cannot tell you how much effect their strategies have on a person’s primary network marketing business. They say:


Our most successful customers have applied this information to their primary business, whether that is selling nutritional supplements, diet products, or any other direct marketing or multi-level marketing endeavor. Information regarding our customer’s success is both difficult to quantify and proprietary to their businesses. Consequently, we do no have any empirically valid data indicating the amount profit growth, if any, that our customers achieve from applying our information and techniques to their primary businesses.”


network marketing


Apparently, there is no way to know if their strategies are helping anyone make money in their network marketing business. MLSP has been in business for 8 years and I have not seen any increase in the success numbers of any network marketing company. They claim that there are over 110,000 members in their company. I would have to think that if all or most of them were making money in their network marketing business, that there would be some movement in the success numbers, in network marketing.


It sounds like attraction marketing is selling the same thing that network market


I ask you again, what’s the deal with attraction marketing?


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What does it take to be successful in network marketing?



Success in network marketing


success in network marketing



How would you like to stack the odds of success in your favor? If you do these 8 things, you will.


1. The first thing that you need to do is to find a company that has a good compensation plan that you can understand and that you feel like you can work within. Then find a good sponsor who will get you off to a quick star. Make sure that the product or service is one that you can be proud of. It has to be something that you can easily sell.


2. The second thing, that is critical to your success, is to get into profit as soon as possible. If your business is either not costing you money or at least breaking even every month, you’ll be able to stay in business. If you are losing every month, there is only so long that you can do that before you’d be forced to give up.


3. You need a belief in yourself that is never ending. There won’t be too many people in your corner. It will feel like the entire world is rooting against you. Being mentally tough while building a network marketing business will help!


4. You will need to have the self discipline to do the work that is required to become a success in network marketing. This business is anything but easy. It will take smart and consistent effort on your part.


5. You must be willing to work your business for at least 3 to 5 years before you see success. Some people will be able to find success quicker than that and some will take longer, but count on working your business for several years.


 success in network marketing could take years


6. You’ll have to learn how to let the rejection of this business roll off of your back. Many people who you think will support you, won’t. Those that are closest to you will cause the most damage. You’ll need to be very strong to make it in the business.


7. You need to become a student of the business. This is a skills based business. You need to spend the time and effort to learn how to run a network marketing business. You need to be able to do everything from generate new leads to training new recruits. It’s a narrow range of skills, but you will need all of them in order to be a success.


8. Probably the most important thing that you can do to assure your success is to learn how to help other people in your organization to be successful. There are many things that you can do to further yourself in this business, but you cannot reach the top levels of your company’s pay plan without other people. In this business, you rely on other people to make you a success. You can only go so far by yourself.


If you are able to do all of these thing, you will have a chance at finding success in network marketing.


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