What is your giveaway gift?

Do you have a giveaway gift to build your list?


 what is your giveaway gift?


If you are going to blog for leads, you will need to have a free gift to give away on your site. Even if you are just using a stand alone lead capture page, you will need a gift. Do you have a gift yet? If you have an established blog then you probably have one set up already. If you are just starting out, you need to decide what kind of gift you will give away.


This gift is commonly referred to as an ethical bribe. You are, basically, trading your gift for your site’s visitor’s name, email address and contact information.


The question stands. What are you giving away?


If I could be so bold as to offer up a suggestion, what are most network marketers lacking?


If you answered, money and leads, then give yourself a pat on the back. Most people who join MLM are in search of more money and sooner or later they will “burn” through their warm market. Once they get through the obligatory foray in the warm market, they will need real leads to contact and to market to.



giveaway a report or ebook


Giveaway what?


My idea for a gift is to find a way to help marketers to generate leads. This can be either free methods or pay methods. Obviously, free methods will be in more demand.


It should be fairly easy to write a 3-5 page report on the your preferred method of generating leads. If you can write 10-15 pages, all the better. Try to have as little fluff or filler as you can. You want them to like what you write. They should be happy with it and they should find the information helpful. You want them to use it!


You’ll want to have a link to your website on every page. You can add this into the footer, at the beginning of the report and at the end.


 Giveaway something of great value!


If your report is something that will be referred to daily or even weekly, then there will be that reminder that you have given them something of great value.


You could give anyone who receives your gift, the right to giveaway the report to anyone that they’d like to. That is if they agree not to change anything in the report, not the links or the authorship. They could use your report as their free gift on their own website. It could go viral this way. If you are wanting it to go viral, make sure that is very very good.


If your report has links to products or services that you are an affiliate for, you also have the chance of generating some income. There is nothing better than getting paid to build your list!


 brand your giveaway


There is also the possibility of selling the rights to “rebrand” the report. That means that your affiliate links in the report would be changed to the person’s affiliate links. This is a great way to generate some cash, as well.


I make these types of suggestions because this is my plan. You can find something else to giveaway if you’d prefer. It’s difficult to go wrong with a good report or ebook. You can outsource this task if you want to.


Whatever you decide to giveaway, make it have as much value as you can. Make sure you can add a link to your website. Find a way to include an affiliate offer, to help generate some much needed working capital.


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