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I was having a conversation with my 10 year old, Matthew. He asked what my blog was about. I told him that I write about marketing and advertising. His next question was a really good one. He asked what is the difference between marketing and advertising. I’ve written on this very subject about a year ago or so. It’s called, Advertising vs. marketing.


In it I discuss the differences between the two. But I needed a way to tell a 10 year old. To make sure he would understand it. I told him that you advertise to get people to market to. I thought the answer was brilliant. Matthew was a little less impressed with it. He says to me, “I don’t get it.”


At least he gave me another chance at it.


I told him about the way that I advertise in the home cleaning business. I make up a flyer and then send it out to 30,000-70,000 homes each month. I explained that if we got 15 new clients each month from those ads, that we had done really well. If you do the math you’ll see that the percentage of clients that I got each month was extremely low.


More importantly, I got a lot of people who would inquire about the service but weren’t ready to buy or who decided to choose another company. I would guess that there were 40-75 inquiries each month.


The 40-70 people who had inquired about our service were people out there that were interested in having a cleaning service. They would go on our mailing list and we could market to them.


Marketing being defined as get the person on the list to know you, like you and trust you. The goal being to get an appointment to meet them, in the future. It didn’t matter how long it took to get that appointment. Just as long as we got it.


As long as they stayed on our mailing list, they were potential clients. Also, I can advertise other products and services to them along the way.


We need to have a way to create advertising that works. Here are several things that you need to take into consideration when designing your ads.


target market


The first thing you to do is to decide who, exactly, you are targeting. I have written an article called, “Who is your target market,” this should help you with your decision.


Most people will use a pop up ad on their site to capture the prospect’s information. The following will apply to pop ups but can, in principle, apply to any ads that you design.


This is an ad but you want it to look like it is all about giving away vital information. You are not there to sell anything, make it look like you aren’t selling anything. Most people will be happy to give you their information, if they feel they are trading it for something of real value. If you are able to show your visitors that you have information that will solve their problems, you will have no problems with getting their contact information.


your headline


The headline that you choose will be the first and most important thing in your ad. It must capture your visitor’s attention to the point that they must read more.


You need to make a compelling offer. To compel someone is to “force” someone to do something. By “force,” I mean that they will feel like they have to do what you want them to do. If they don’t they will be missing out on something that they need. You have one chance to get someone to give you their name and email address. Your offer needs to be your very best offer that you can make. A ninja offer. An offer that no one can refuse. You want those people who decide not to get your offer to be tossing and turning in bed at night wondering what you had to offer and would it have helped them.


The words and language that you use in your ads should be casual. It shouldn’t be some tricked out salesy ad. You aren’t a used car salesman are you? Be folksy. Everyone likes folksy!


Finally, you need to have your “call to action.” In any ad you’ll need to have a very clear message to direct your prospects to do what you want them to do. In a pop up ad it is easier to do that. Just a fill in your name and email address to receive our free report that will solve your problems.


Those are the key elements that you need to include in any advertisements that you use. Use them. You will thank me later!


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