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As network marketers, we are taught to talk to our warm market as soon as we get started. I call the warm market, “the place that new distributors go to die.” Most distributors are willing to at least talk to some of their friend, family, co-workers and neighbors. The problem is that most of those types of people are going to laugh at you and tell you “NO,” in no uncertain terms. This reaction, by the people that they are closest to usually is too much for the average distributor to handle and they end up quitting the business.


The above scenario happens so often that it is almost cliché.


Once they get through their warm market, assuming that they didn’t quit, they’ll have little choice but to start working in the cold market. Sooner or later, they will probably try some sort of advertising.


I was reading a study done by the Nielsen Company. You may know them from the TV ratings that the publish, weekly.


In the article, they said that “the most credible form of advertising” is recommendations from friends. They also said that branded websites are the second highest rated form.


A whopping 84% of respondents said that they trust recommendations of friends and family members. That’s weird! That’s 84% of people will trust their friends and family members when they recommend something to them. Then why can’t the average distributor manage to sell a bottle of shampoo to their own mother?


It must be “operator error!”


Obviously, the average distributor is doing something wrong. My guess is that most people really don’t know what they are doing. Especially, when they first get started. You’ve probably heard about people chasing their friends and family all around town, trying desperately, to get them to support their new business venture. I know that you’ve never done that, right?


No one likes to be chased! The best way to approach your warm market is to use “indirect sales.” Never ask your market to buy anything from you. Only ask them if they know anyone who might be interested in the benefits that your products or service will give someone who is using them. An indirect approach is always the best way when talking to a warm market. That way you are never really seen as trying to sell them anything. They may be interested in what you have to offer, but they will have to let you know that.


The study was full of interesting findings.


do they trust your advertising


It said that 63% of respondents said that they trust ads that they have seen on television. While 60% trust newspaper ads and 58% trust magazine ads.


They said that less than half of people, 48%, trusted online video ads. Just 47% of people trust ads provided by search engines. Ads on social media platforms are only trusted by 46% of people.


Surprisingly, the Millennials, who have grown up with the internet and cell phones, don’t seem to trust the ads on those platforms as much as one might expect. There are 53% who trust online video ads, 51% trust ads on social networks, 47% trust online banner ads and a mere 41% trust text ads on mobile phones.


The most fascinating thing about the whole study is that more people are willing to act on ads they find online a lot more than trust the ads.


“For ads served in search engine results 47% trust; 58% take action, ads on social media 46% trust; 56% take action and text ads on mobile phones 36% trust; 46% take action.”


Why would anyone take action on an ad that they don’t trust? Never underestimate human beings!


The study concluded by saying that a combination of online and offline advertising would probably be the best bet for a successful advertising campaign.


If you would like to read this article in its entirety, you can find it here.


Nielsen article


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