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I like to keep my finger on the pulse of network marketing. I like to read what the gurus and thought leaders are saying and teaching. One of my personal favorites is Tom Schreiter. He has a very wry sense of humor and combines that with a keen intellect.


Over the past few days, Tom has been talking about opening lines and headlines. He says that your choice of opening lines can be critical when you get face to face with a prospect. He says that most prospects make up their minds whether or not they want anything to do with you in the first 7 seconds after you start talking to them. That doesn’t give you much time. Choose your words wisely.


I’ll address the types of opening lines a network marketer should be using, in a future article.


In this article, I’d like to focus on headlines for any advertising that you might do.


I’ve written a few articles about how to chose a target market. You can read them here:


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Who is your target market?


Once you have a target market in mind, what do you say to them? Tom had a few pictures on his Facebook and I thought that they did a really good job of illustrating what to say and what not to say.


A good marketer will want to speak to what their prospects want and desire. They have to capture their attention and imagination. What you to say to them matters. Remember, you only have 7 seconds to do that.


Here you can see a picture of a restaurant that is selling pig organ soup. If you’re going to open a restaurant, like this, you’d probably want open it near your target market. That would probably be in Asia and not in Iowa. I would think that you’d find your target market in Asia and not so much in Iowa.




Here is a picture of an energy drink. It’s called Battery Energy Drink. Who is your target market? Anyone who needs more energy. This is very clever marketing. The can looks like a big battery. What do you think of when you see a battery? Energy?


battery energy drink


I’ve saved the best for last. Read this ad and see what you think.


flu shots ad


That sequence of words really makes you think about getting a flu shoot, doesn’t it? Even if you never get the flu shot, you have to wonder about how many germs are on that newspaper you’re reading. If you do like to get a flu shot, this ad will remind you why!


What you say in those first 7 seconds can be very important. Be sure to know who you’re talking to and make sure that you capture their attention and their imagination!


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