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Do you need to be an expert to do attraction marketing?


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I’m not sure if attraction marketing is the be all and end all of marketing, but there are many people who swear by it. I also know that there is a guru out there that thinks is a scourge. He says that attraction marketing is a big lie. He says it’s a lie because the attraction marketers are lying to the public. That attraction marketing is built on a lie.


In attraction marketing, one is supposed to position themselves as an expert in their chosen field. They do that because when it comes to choosing someone to work with, most people would choose to work with an expert.


An example of this would be if you needed to have some sort of surgery. Would you want the doctor who just finished their residency or would you rather have the doctor with 5 or 10 years of surgical experience? If anyone is given that choice, most people would want the doctor with the experience to operate on them.


The same is true business. If you’re selling your home, do you choose the brand new Realtor or the Realtor with 10 years experience?


If you’re thinking about joining a network marketing company, do you join someone who is brand new or if you’re given the option, do you join with the top earner?


This guru says that positioning yourself as an expert when you aren’t an expert is lying to the public. I guess, in a sense, the guru is right. However, if you aren’t telling the public that you are a top earner, are you really lying? It might be a lie of omission, at worst. As a network marketer, aren’t we taught to try not to tell people too much about ourselves or the state of our business? If we aren’t telling everyone we come in contact with every detail of our business, aren’t we lying by omission?


How many network marketing distributors are going to approach a prospect and say, “I just started my business and I’m not making any money. In fact, I lost money the past 6 months.” I don’t know the answer to that question, but I can’t imagine that many would want to do that.


My opinion of the subject is that it is perfectly fine to position yourself as an expert in any field that you want to. My definition of an expert is anyone who knows more about a subject than I do. I just want to be able to learn from them.


be an expert in attraction marketing


If I’m talking to my family doctor about having a surgery, I know that he isn’t an expert. He’s not a surgeon and therefore can’t be an expert in that field. However, he is a doctor and knows more about the surgery than I do. He is someone who I can learn about that surgery that I need to have. In my eyes and at that moment, he is an expert to me.


Google gives the definition of an expert as:


A person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.


Although, experience is the best teacher and the best way to become an expert, in any field, I don’t think that you need to actually be an expert to find an audience who can learn from you.


If you don’t feel confident about positioning yourself that way, I would suggest that you learn more than what your target audience knows. How do you do that?


You can learn a lot from the people who are already experts in your field.


If you happen to be in network marketing, there are a lot of people out there that are top earners and experts in network marketing. The gurus, out there, are all too happy to publish content on any number of subjects. You can find their blogs, their Youtube channel, their Facebook page, their books and CDs and learn from them.


All you have to do is find a subject that you want to learn about and listen to or read what the experts are saying on that subject. Take notes and when you’ve learned enough about the subject, you can put those ideas in your own words and share them with your audience.


It doesn’t matter whether you decide to blog or make videos for Youtube as long as you have an avenue to reach your target market.


I say go ahead and position yourself as an expert and attract prospects to you. It’s a lot easier than going to the mall and talking to everyone you can meet!


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