More on blog commenting for traffic

Last week I talked about siphoning off traffic from other websites by commenting on their blogs.   If you didn’t read that post you can find it here.

Again, for best effects please add to the conversation.  My intelligent and insightful comments.  Remember, you comments are your advertising for your website.

You say something like, “blah, blah, blah,” but what you are really saying is, “You think I sound smart in this comment you should come see my blog.   That’s where the “good stuff” is!”

You need to keep your comment length to 30-50 words.  Be educational or entertaining or both.

Here is a list of another 10 blogs to leave comments on.

David Wood’s Blog

Diane Hochman’s Blog

Andrew J Cass’ Blog

Jerry Chen’s Blog

Brian Cole’s Blog

Marc Barrett’s Blog

Jennifer Fong’s Blog

April Marie Tucker’s Blog

Rob Sevilla’s Blog

Ellie Yamane’s Blog

Okay, there you go.  Sound smart!  Good luck!

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