Do you have value?

Do you have value?



When we first start out in this business we all wonder, “Why would anyone want to join me in business?  What do I have to offer?”  You do have value to offer.



you have value



Everyone starts off with a certain amount of intrinsic value. You are a unique person with unique experiences. You have your own personality. You’ve had struggles to overcome and you’ve had victories in your life. In other words, you have your story. In the story of your life, people will find things that they have in common with you and they will find ways to connect with you. It’s strange that we have all had similar experiences in our lives.


It’s as though things didn’t just happen to you, it was just your turn this time.


It doesn’t matter whether you have 1 week of experience in network marketing or 10 years, we all have something of value to share with others.


If you are new to the business, don’t worry about that. You do have things to offer and people will be attracted to you and want to work with you. Most people are just looking for someone that they can connect with and relate to.


Be yourself


You want people to see who you really are. Don’t put on airs. Be real. Be who you really are. You want people to see the real you, warts and all. You do not have to be perfect, thank goodness because none of us are. You don’t have to be the #1 money earner in your company. You just have to be you and that’s good enough!


You do need to have a workable plan. You need to be working the plan with success and you need to be willing to teach others how to do the same things. Share your story with the people that you meet. Tell them about the reasons that you are in a business. Let them know about your struggles and frustrations. Tell them how you have overcome them or how you need help with a problem that you haven’t been able to conquer. All of this will make you seem more real to them.


don't try to be someone you aren't



If you aren’t slick and polished, and who is, and you try to come across as having no problems, people will see right through that. Be yourself …


Let them see the value in you.


You will attract others who are like you and have a similar story to you. These types of people are who you want for your business. They will be easier to help since you have been through similar things.


Let your personality shine through.


Increasing your value


As you move forward and you gain more experience, your value will naturally increase. You will have more experiences and you will be constantly learning new things.


The things that you do to conduct your business will provide you with more value. Both your successes and your failures can be shared with everyone that you talk to.


You will earn from the people that you meet both inside your company and the people that you listen to who are not in your company. You might listen to a tape or go to a business conference where a motivational speaker or business builder gives a speech. You should be learning new things constantly and consistently.


building more value


You need to be reading books, listening to tapes and meeting the movers and shakers in your business. Be a sponge for new knowledge. In a very short time, you will have amassed a large amount of information. All of it increases your value in the eyes of your team members and to your prospects.


Maybe someday you will be a honest to goodness MLM guru that everyone wants to meet and talk. Everyone will want to buy your products and services. All in the hope that some of what made you a success will rub off on them. But you’ll be a guru with humble beginnings.


Because most of us have very humble beginnings.


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  1. This is a great post! Adding value is important! Being able to help someone to solve a problem is a servitude mindset , that developed inner wealth.

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