What is lead generation in marketing?

What is lead generation in marketing used for?


what is lead generation in marketing


Well, like it says in the title, to generate leads for your business.  You’re going to need leads and lot of them coming in steadily, if you are going to success in business.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in either.  Whether you sell real estate, have a restaurant or running your very own network marketing business, you are going to need to be able to generate leads!

First, let’s look at what a lead is.  A lead is someone who has expressed an interest in doing business with  you.  The easiest way is to have them identify themselves to you.  Kind of like raising their hand.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a pair of special glasses that when you put them on everyone who was interested in starting their business would light up?  How cool would that be?  Well, it would make your job a lot easier, wouldn’t it.  The principle is the same.  There just aren’t any glasses to wear.  So you need to go out into the world and find them.

There are many ways to generate leads, both online and offline.

What is lead generation in marketing, online?

As for me, I blog for leads.  I write articles and posts about information that people who are thinking about starting their business would be interested in.  Those that visit my site have identified themselves.  I need to collect their personal information, like their name and email address so I continue to market directly to them.

Article marketing is very similar to blogging.  You write articles to help identify those who might be interested in being in business and you post them to article directories, in hopes of people finding them and reading them.  You add a link to your lead collecting site, like a blog and gather their information.

You can go to Twitter and find people who are already successful in business and try to start a conversation with the people who are following the guru.  Notice I said start a conversation. I did not say try to recruit them!

Remember, recruiting = relationship.

You can to the same thing on Facebook that you are doing on Twitter.  Find the gurus page and start a conversation.  Ask questions and listen to the answers.  People love to talk about themselves.  This does make are jobs easier!

You are looking for people to identify themselves as someone who is in the market to find a business of their own.

If you have a relationship with that person, then you can invite them to look at your opportunity.  But not before you have built a relationship.  You don’t have to be best buds with them but having a relationship will make it more appealing to them to look at what you have to offer.  People like to join things with others who they like and feel like they have something in common with.  People like to follow leaders.  Use that to your advantage.

What is lead generation in marketing, offline?


follow the leader


My opinion is that face to face offline marketing is the best.  The people who you meet get to see that you are a real person.  They can get a feeling from you.  Are you someone who can be trusted?  Someone they like?  It’s difficult at best to “read” people on the internet.

So many of our day to day dealings are with faceless, names.

You can attract people with your offline marketing just as well as online.  You can post a help wanted ad in a newspaper or put an ad on a bulletin board at the local grocery store.

One of my favorite techniques is putting magnets on the doors of your vehicle.  It is a great way to attract people’s attention.  How may times have you looked at a vehicle with magnet advertisers on the doors?  I bet you see a lot.  They work and are fairly inexpensive.  Your local print shop can get them made in a few days.

You can go to a Rotary Club meeting.  Chamber of Commerce meeting.  Or a Meetup group.  Anywhere that business people get together to talk about business.  Again, if you are gathering leads offline, you still need to start with building relationships.

The more ways that you can generate leads the better.  You will have these techniques in your arsenal.  You should be able to teach your recruits to do exactly as you do and they too will be able to generate leads at will!  That’s good for everyone.

There are lots of ways to use lead generation in your marketing.  In fact that is the main reason that you do your marketing.  You need leads.  They are the life blood of any business.

It’s a great comfort to know that the person who just said “no” to your opportunity isn’t the last person you have to talk to.  You will be constantly generating new leads everyday.


25 leads per day


How big of a business could you build if you were generating 25 leads a day?  How about if you were generating 50 leads a day?

I’m sure you know how important it is for any business person to be generating tons of leads for themselves and those people who you have invited to work with you!

How many people would be interested in joining your company, with you, if you could tell someone that you are generating 25 leads per day?  Do you think you could get a few?  I would say that you could find a lot more than just a few out there who would love to learn how to do the same thing that you are doing!

So what is lead generation in marketing?

It is something that you need to be doing everyday.  Day in and day out!  Teach those recruits in your downline how to do the same thing that you are doing.  It will be profitable for all involved!

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