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A sideline member in my company, that is someone who was recruited by the same person that I was, so he isn’t upline or downline … he is sideline, told me that he has a prequalifying questionnaire that he likes to use online. He thinks that if someone is willing to take the time to fill it out that they must be seriously looking for a business opportunity. I didn’t get into many of the details of what exactly he is doing yet. But I thought I share my thoughts on this method.

My first reaction to this is that it is very impersonal. To me, MLM is nothing but a relationship business so the quicker you develop any kind of relationship with a prospect the better.

But then again the internet is, by its nature, impersonal.

I can certainly see the benefits to being able to screen out tire kickers and time wasters. So my second reaction is that this could be something that everyone could use and find useful.

I have come up with a hand full of sample questions that you might use or tweak them or use your own, if you like this idea.

I know that he runs ads on Craigslist and sends them to a page that has the questionnaire on it. Of course it asks for contact information.

I suggest asking for a phone number up front. Make sure that if someone is willing to give you a phone number that they want to hear from you! Call them!

Are you currently employed?

How much free time do you have that you can devote to running a business?

Do you consider yourself to be a self starter or do you work better when told the tasks that need to be completed?

If you got a promotion at your job that had more responsibilities, would you take the promotion or would you not want the extra responsibilities?

How willing are you to be coachable?

Do you think that you could be successful if I teach you exactly how I run my business?

How big is your thinking?

What do you want out of the business?

How much money would change your life?

What would you do with the money?

Have you ever owned your own business?

What makes you think you would like owning a business?

What kind of goals do you have, if you were in business for yourself?

There can be a financial investment needed to run your business.  Do you have extra money for this?

Why do you want to get involved with network marketing?

Most people fail in MLM, what makes you think you are different?

How open are you to personal growth?

Okay, those are a few of the questions or types of questions that I would ask on a questionnaire. Each of them is designed to get certain information that I’d like to have to know if someone might be able to build a network marketing business.

If you have any questions that you think might be good to add into our online, network marketing questionnaire please add them in the comment section.

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