Passion, excitement and enthusiasm



Are you making your business look like a job?



are you excited about your business?



Most people who join a network marketing company are just doing a “side project that wouldn’t interfere with what they are doing now.” It’s a side project because they already have a job. A job, that more than likely, they don’t like or enjoy, but “it pays the bills.”



Does any of that sound familiar? Does that describe you or how you happen to be in network marketing?



Having a job is not the worst thing that you can have. There are a few people who really like their jobs. They are able to do something that they really like and enjoy. To those people, I salute you. To those who don’t like their jobs, I feel your pain! I’ve been there and done that.



A little history



I remember being in my last year of college. I was driving around in a 1972 Chevrolet Impala. It wasn’t a bad car, but it got terrible gas mileage. I had to share the car with my brother and one of my sisters. I was the only one who was making any money, so I’d buy gas and they’d run it all out for me. That got old in a hurry!



1972 Impala?



In order to buy a new car, I had to take a full time job. It seemed like a good plan at the time. I had 106 credits, at the time. I was kind of tired of going to school anyway. I figured that I could still go to college at night and graduate in 18 months or so.



I was rolling in the dough. Yeah, right. It was a minimum wage, retail job. Basically, I was a shelf stocker and I ran a cash register, if they needed an extra hand. At first, I didn’t mind it. I was making money. I bought a 1981 Dodge Colt. It got great gas mileage and was fun to drive. I never had to worry about someone running the gas out. It was a 4 speed manual transmission and my siblings had no idea how to drive a stick shift!



Life was good.



I now had a car payment. My own insurance and gas bills to pay. I had moved out on my own around that time. I had to pay rent and for food. That minimum wage job didn’t do much more than pay the bills.



It was like deja vu all over again!



The job quickly became drudgery. I hated it. I had weird hours. I was required to work at least one day on the weekend. Management didn’t like me, for some reason. I returned the favor. I was turned down for a raise because, I “didn’t smile enough.” I started smiling and having a lot of fun on the job. The next time I was up for a raise they turned me down saying, you “smile too much.”



I switched jobs shortly after that and doubled my income.



doubled my income



Life was good



Is there a morale to this story? Probably not …



I started out kind of liking my job. I was working. I gave value to the company. I could see that I did a good job and that was satisfying in and of itself.



I got bored with the job. I didn’t having any enthusiasm or excitement for it. My heart wasn’t in it anymore. After a while, I realized that there was nothing else to learn. Someone bought a bottle of Windex and I had to put a new bottle on the shelves to take its place. How boring can it get?



My question to you is this, are you making your business look like that kind of a job?



Is it something that you “have to do?” Do you have to make those phone calls. Do you have to sell some products. Do you have to show the business plan to another person today?






Do you have any passion for your business? Are you excited about helping people? Teaching them new things. Are you able to share your products, with enthusiasm?



Or are you making your business look boring? Drudgery?



When people think about you and your business, are they thinking, “Wow, they are really on fire for that business!” or are they thinking, “Why would I join them? I already have a job I hate?”



No matter where you are in your business, you could be brand new or a seasoned veteran, you need to find something that you love about the business. Something that you have a passion for. Something that when people see you doing it they will think, “I want what they have!”



It might be the company’s product or service. Maybe your company sells a new widget that cuts potatoes into 87 different shapes and you think that it is the most spectacular thing since sliced bread. You’re totally excited when you give the product demonstrations!



That kind of enthusiasm is contagious!



Maybe you like to teach. You can teach people about your products or teach them how to make money selling them.



Education Laptop Screen Shows Teaching Learning And Training Stock Photo



You could be a wizard at advertising and marketing. You might be a great manager of people. Maybe you just love the concept of network marketing. There are so many things that you could find to be excited about in this business. Find it and use it to your advantage. Show them that owning a business is fun and exciting!



If you are conducting your business like you’re a bump on a pickle, then I can pretty much guarantee that you will not do very well.



Find your passion and let it shine!



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