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You can look around my blog and see that I haven’t been doing video marketing. At least not yet. It’s something that I know I need to do, but as of yet, I haven’t. Am I afraid of being on camera? Yes, that’s probably part of the hesitation. I’ve never, knowingly, been on camera before. I think I could do it and maybe I could even get used to doing it.


I started blogging about 6 years ago. I choose blogging because it was low cost and gave me access to the entire world or so I thought. I also thought that it would be something that could be duplicated. I think I was wrong on both accounts. Now I believe that I made a mistake. I don’t think that very people can do blogging, successfully. It’s very time consuming and there aren’t very many people who can write good and engaging content.


I keep writing because I think that there are still people out there who would prefer to read.


I know that there is a very large segment of the population who would rather watch a video. I’m not serving those people with a blog that is completely written. I’d like to add video to my blog this year. That’s kind of vague and noncommittal, don’t you think. Well, it’s the best I can do.


Looking back on it, I think it was a mistake to not do a Vlog. Or at least having a video with every post on my current blog. There’s a reason why Youtube is the second most visited site on the internet. People like to watch videos. I should’ve done this years ago!


I’ve done some research in preparation of doing videos. This is what I’ve learned. Feel free to add in anything else that you think might be useful information, in the comment section below!


4 things your video marketing should include


are you ready to do video marketing


Having a fun, educational and informative video is great, but the purpose of your video should be to get the viewer to take some sort of action, at the end. For the most part, that action should be to get them to sign up on your email list.


The first thing that you should do is to do an introduction. You, basically, tell the viewer who you are and any other important information that you think might help you to keep someone’s interest. You can let your audience know that you’ve been in been business for however long you’ve been in business. If you are a top earner or a high rank distributor, you can add that in, too. You’re giving them a reason to listen to you!


Next, move into the subject of the video. This is going to be like a title and not your main content. This is what you’ll use to reel them in to watch the video. If you’re trying to promote your product, you can tell about the benefits that they can get from them. As an example, if you have an anti-wrinkle cream, you could say, “Today, I’ll be telling you about the 3 foods that you should be eating if you want to get rid of wrinkles while you sleep!” Grab their attention!


The next section will be your content. You’ll go through those 3 foods that they should be eating. You’ll go into as much detail as you can about each of the 3 foods that they should be eating and what those foods will do to eliminate their wrinkles.


The last thing that you’ll want to include in your video is your call to action. Again, for the most part, it will be to get the to sign up on your email list. You can say, “If you’d like to get the complete list of 10 foods that you should be eating in order to eliminate wrinkles while you sleep, head over to my site and I’ll get that out to you, right away. Just click the link in the description!”


That’s a simple outline, that you can use, to get you started making videos. I’d suggest keeping your videos fairly short and simple. Your call to action should be to do one thing and one thing only! Best of luck.


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