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I Am Here To Help You Learn

Effective Network Marketing Strategies


Welcome to my blog, where you will find the best network marketing information to help you to succeed in your home business.


Hello, my name is Richard Brokenshire and I’m glad you decided to visit my blog. My goal is to provide you with effective information and tools that will help you become a successful internet network marketer.


For many people, sales remain a mystery. Selling is the highest paid profession in the world, but most people never put a few pieces together to make a profit.


Sometimes they read about it for years looking for secrets and ways to breakthrough, but the money is always elusive.


Making a full time income in business is possible and many people are doing it? But how can it happen for you?


I’m absolutely convinced that a lot of people are just giving up too soon. They don’t quite master the skills that are necessary to succeed.


Here comes a really important thing … the warning part of this article:


The Internet is a fantastic tool, but it’s loaded with traps, and many people who will sell you half of the tools that you need to become successful. After all, do they really want you to build a real business? Keep in mind, if you become successful you won’t need them or their products anymore. So I’ll ask you again, do they want you to succeed?


Unfortunately they have a reputation that precedes them. It’s easy to fall for the hype when you are at your wits end and you haven’t made money yet.


On my blog you will find advice and real world action plans to help you move forward as a person and in your business life. You may find the “tough love” approach difficult to face but if you stick with it you will put it all together and finally realize the your dream of a successful business.


My first bit of advice is this:


The four main things you need to concentrate on are as follows:


1. Get yourself into profit as quickly as possible

2. Generate your own, quality leads

3. Call or contact your leads the same day as they are generated

4. Have a long term follow-up system in place


You can’t control what the industry, your company, your up line or down line does, but you can control the four things above.


Which one do you think network marketers have the most challenge with? You guessed it, #1.  We are in a money making business. If you don’t make any money, sooner or later you will have to quit.


I can tell you from personal experience that your friends and family members are not the kind of leads that your business needs. Your brother-in-law or postman are probably not the best people to try to get involved in your business. However, all of these people might be willing to support you by buying one or more of your products.


Once you are able to generate a profit, recruiting people into your company will be a bit easier. When a prospect asks you, “How much money are you making?” you’ll have a real answer.


It becomes much easier when the prospects know that you’ll be able to show them how to become profitable, like you!



Thank you!

Richard Brokenshire



Master Key Experience: Week 1 – What did I get myself into?


We had our first weekly seminar, today. The webinar was scheduled from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Yes, it went every minute of that and maybe a bit more. After it was over, Mark J opened up the webby for questions. He said we could leave if we wanted to. I stayed around for most of the “overtime” session.


All I can say is wow! There was so much information given. Some of it was very interesting and some of it was just going over the stuff that we had heard before.


One of the things that we are supposed to do is to read the first section of the Master Key book. They provided a pdf file that we can download and print out. I did that. It was about a half a dozen pages. I read the 6 pages of material. I have no idea how long it took. It is very difficult reading … for me anyway.


Here is an example of what the reading is like:


The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development, and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.”

Within, without, without, within. I don’t know. I read that several times before I think that I understood what was being said. Some of the other parts were fairly easy to understand, but a lot of it was just like that passage.


We’re also supposed to be reading the classic book called, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino. I’ve read that book before and it was much easier to read than this Master Key book.


They gave us two assignments for the week. The first is to write a blog post, by this Thursday. That’s what this is. The other thing that we have to is to write a DMP. Great another acronym. A DMP is Definite Major Purpose. From what I gather, we’re supposed to write up to 400 words about what we think we want our lives to be like in the future. It’s not a list of goals. It’s would be more like a vision of your life. They said it was like writing the script of an autobiographical movie. Sounds easy enough, right?


The problem that I’ll have with that assignment is that I have no real idea of what I want my life to be like.


I used to have an idea, but my life has been turned upside down so many times in the past few years, that I don’t know what I want anymore. Am I supposed to write about what I want for me … just for me. Do I include things that I want for my children? I’m not really sure.


They told us that they weren’t going to give us any examples of a DMP as a guide. They said that people would just substitute in their own stuff for what was listed in the example. That may be true.


This DMP assignment is due by Thursday and I have no idea what to write. I’ll update this article if I figure out what to write.


They talked about pricing today, too. Pricing is a misnomer, or so they say. It’s how much we want to pay for next year’s class? Sounds a lot like I’m paying for the course, but I’m not. During the prelaunch period, Mark J talked about the “donations” being the price of a couple of lattes per week. I don’t drink coffee so I have no idea what they cost. If they’re $3.00, that would be about $6.00 per week or $24.00 per month. Well, at today’s webinar, they changed that to 3 lattes for a couple, per week. Does that mean that they want $18.00 per week or $72.00 per month? Will it be higher the next time they mention pricing … uh … uh … “donations.”


It could be worth $72.00 per month, who knows? I just wish someone would say how much it’s going to be.


From what Mark J said, there are over 600 people registered for the course. If they want $72.00 per month from all of those people, that would be some nice coinage. That would be over $43,000 per month. That’s some nice compensation for Mark J and his staff. I can see why he does this. The cool thing is that he makes it seem like he’s doing everyone a favor with the whole scholarship thing. Why didn’t I think of that?


Now for the bad news.


We’re required to blog about our experiences in this course. I’m assuming that someone from the staff will be reading this post. What are the odds that they let me stay in the program? I’m just trying to give my honest impressions.


I’ve been following Mark J for many years and this is the first time that I’ve gotten involved in any of his courses. He has several that I know about. Go90Grow is one that comes to mind. He seems like a nice enough guy. He seems like he is interested in really helping people. I hope he is what he seems to be!


Those are my first impressions of the Master Key Experience course. We’ll see if I am being too skeptical or not.



I hope you found this article valuable!


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We’re all network marketers


Not all of us get paid for it


network marketers get paid


It’s funny how resistant people are to the idea of owning a network marketing business. You’ve probably heard things like, “I don’t want to sell stuff.” or “I don’t want to bother my friends.” There seems to be as many excuses as there are prospects.


The really funny thing is that most people do what network marketers do, they just don’t know it. I can give you a few examples that you can tell your prospects if they are resistant to signing up with your business.


Your prospect has probably gone out to eat in the past few months and they’ve probably told a friend how the meal was and how the service was too. Maybe they even mentioned if the prices were reasonable or not. They could’ve taken a picture of their meal and posted it to Instagram. Telling their friends is exactly what a network marketer should be doing. Some of their friends will see or hear about the meal and go to the same restaurant to eat.


They’ve been to the movie theater or rented a movie, lately. If they’ve talked to someone about that movie and either recommended it or told the person not to bother with it, that’s what a network marketer should be doing. Again, some of their friends will want to see the movie on their recommendation.


Your prospect might have just finished reading the latest New York Times bestselling book and put something on Facebook about it. When their circle of friends finds out about it, there will be some who go out and buy the book.


do you recommend things to your friends?


Have you seen the Coke bottles that have people’s name on them? If your prospect buys a bottle with their name on it and their friends see it and then they might go out and get a bottle with their own name on it. This is an example of what a network marketer should be doing.


All of these are examples of people sharing their experiences with their friends and family. That’s a simple method of selling that most people don’t even realize that they are doing. If you asked them how they sold the bottle of Coke to their friends, they’d look at you with a confused look on their face. They’re thinking, “I didn’t sell them anything. I just told them about something that I bought and liked.”


I’ll be the first to say that network marketing is sales. It does require people to sell their company’s products. Sharing a product experience with friends is a way that can work for most people. It does help to be someone who is comfortable selling things, but it’s not required!


The difference between your prospect who is drumming up business for the local bookstore, the local movie house, and Coca-Cola is that they won’t get paid for any of it. That’s probably a lot of referrals that they’ve given to those businesses and all for free. They can feel good that they did their good deed for the day. They can feel good that they helped Coke to make some more money this year.


My question is this, how much better would they feel if the movie theater sent them a small commission for recommending the movie and their theater? How much better would they feel if Coke sent them a monthly check for all of the people who will continue to buy Coke over the next few years?


I’m guessing that they feel a lot better about recommending these services and products!


As a network marketing distributor, you can help them with that! There’s no reason why your prospect can’t build a nice sized business just recommending the products or services that your company has.


We’ve all recommend things to the people we know. Most of us are willing to do it for free. Why not get paid for your efforts?



I hope you found this article valuable!


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There are negative reviews about my company online

What can I do about it?


solutions for negative reviews


You joined your company because you loved the products that they sell and you want your slice of the pie from their compensation plan. Those dollar signs will light up your eyes.


You run out and tell your friends and family about your new discovery and some of them are interested in what you do. You sit them down and show them a video about the company, their products, and the compensation plan. Most don’t want to do it, but there might be a few people who say that they aren’t sure. They want to think about it or do some research.


We all know what that means, right? They’re going to go online and look up your company and the products.


Do you know what they’ll find?


That’s the critical question. You really do need to know what they apt to find. If you are going to have a chance of recruiting them, you’ll need to know what they’ll find and you’ll need to know how to overcome the objections that will be raised by what they read.


The search engines are usually very helpful in finding information. However, when your prospects start to do their “research” they’re going to find that there are so many horror stories out there that they will probably want no part of you or your business.


Your prospects are no different than any other information seeker. They’ll put the name of your company in a search engine and see what comes out. They’ll get dozens if not hundreds of pages of returns. They will maybe read the top 3 or 4 articles to see what they can find out. If they are very thorough, they might read all 10 of the top articles. It’s unlikely that they will go any farther than that.


The top 5 search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL. The articles that are in their top 10 will be similar, but not always the same. You should go through as many of the articles as you can and familiarize yourself with the things that your prospects will find. You can search the name of your company, the name of your company + the word scam and the name of your company + the word review to see what could come up for your prospects.


your network marketing company probably isn't a scam


The types of things that your prospects could find are articles that have the word “scam” in them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your company is a scam, but your prospects could take it that way. A lot of the time, another network marketer will put the word scam in their title to get people to read the article. They may bash your company or their products, but it turns out that they have never been a distributor for them and they’ve never used the products. They’re hoping that a few of the people who show up to read their article will join whatever company they are part of.


What else could they find?


There might be real stories of bad things that happened to some ex-distributor. The most common thing that will come up is that they lost a lot of money. Maybe they got talked into buying thousands of dollars of products and couldn’t sell them. Maybe they put a lot of money into advertising that didn’t work and they quit the business. To that, I’d say that no one should “buy a rank advancement.” That can be very expensive and the average new distributor has no idea of what they are doing. They are just as likely to quit as they are to continue with the business. To the person who put a lot of money into advertising, I’d say, doing that is a good idea, but only if you really know what you’re doing. Not all advertising works. Those people did something good but didn’t know what would work. They probably poured all of their money into an untested method and got burned. They should’ve tested different advertising avenues to see what would work for them!


You may find other types of negative things said about your company and their products. You should be prepared on how to answer for those things. If you’re prepared, you’ll at least stand a chance of recruiting your prospect.



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When is Google not your friend?

Google may not help you


google isn't your friend


Google is the brand name of the most popular search engine on the internet. There are a lot of search engines out there, like Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Basically, the search engines were invented to help users find the information that they were looking for. I won’t go into the billions of dollars that they make off of advertising or the amount of information that everyone is providing them.


It would seem that the search engines provide a vital service to the internet kingdom. However, that’s not always the case.


Google may not be your friend.


When a new network marketer gets started, they have virtually no idea of what they are doing. They could’ve been told that network marketing is easy. They might have been told that everyone will want what they have to offer. They may have even been told that the products sell themselves. If all of that were true, then everyone would be successful in network marketing.


Because the new distributor has been told that network marketing is easy and that everyone wants what they have they tend to go out into the world and shout about their business opportunity and their products. They quickly learn that no one is listening.


I’m talking about verbal vomit. That’s the not so nice term to describe what a new network marketer will do to their prospects. They tend to tell their prospects just about everything that they know about their company and the products. They bombard the prospects with too much information. The prospects take this as a verbal assault and they run and hide.


If you do this same thing on the internet it’s called spam. If you go out and put a link to your company’s replicated website, if you send messages or emails to people telling them why they should sign up with you and your company or if you do any number of other ill-advised things, you’re spamming people. You’ll find that you’re pushing people away from you.


google might help push your prospect away


If a distributor does find someone who will listen to them, what is likely to happen?


If a prospect happens upon your link or other information regarding your company or your product, what are they going to do? They will take the name of your company or the name of your product and put it into their favorite search engine and get the information that they want. It won’t be the information that you’d like them to get, but it will be information.


What information will they find?


Yeah, pretty much every horror story known to mankind. They’ll read about how the products made someone’s hair fall out. They’ll hear about people who have 100 boxes of the products stacked up in their garage. They hear about the people who spent way too much money on advertising that didn’t work and they went bankrupt. They’ll read about things that you didn’t even know existed.


Needless to say, that prospect will never join your company and they may never join any company.


Are the horror stories true?


Yes, some of them are true, but just because those things happened to someone doesn’t mean that they will happen to everyone.


Your prospect has the same odds of success as everyone else. Either they’ll succeed or they won’t. They a have a 50-50 chance.


To build a network marketing business you’re going to need to use finesse. You don’t want to beat someone over the head with your information. You want them to be curious about what you’re doing. You want them to ask you about it. They will be much more receptive to the information if they want that information.


strategy to use


One strategy to use


You can make a video and tell everyone you know that “I’ve started a home business. I’m having fun and I’m making money!” Show your latest check and tell them how much it is. Maybe you say, “I just got a monthly check for $100.00!” Maybe it’s a $250.00 check or maybe it’s $500.00. Sooner or later, you’ll get to the number that will get them to ask you what it is that you’re doing and can you help them to make that kind of money, too.


Be sly … don’t be stupid!


Always remember that Google is not a network marketers friend!



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Junkies or Groupies?



MLM junkies riding the wave to success


I’ve seen the term MLM junkie bantered about, lately. How are they defining MLM junkie? It seems that an MLM junkie is a person who either jumps from company to company in hopes of finding success or someone who joins every company in pre-launch in order to “ride the wave to success.”


There are probably equal numbers of people who do both things.


Some people prefer to join an established MLM company and when they don’t find the success that they so desperately want, they move on and join another MLM company. These types of people walk away blaming the company or their upline for their lack of success. They feel that joining a different company is the answer. Their battle cry is, “Next!”


MLM Groupies


I consider those people, the ones that jump from company to company, to be Groupies. They may be looking to make money in the network marketing industry, but it may be less important to them than being around people who are successful. They tend to join a company that they’ll have access to successful people. That way they can bask in their reflective success.


What is reflective success?


Think of it like this, the successful person is standing in a spotlight and the MLM groupie is standing next to the successful person. The MLM Groupie has some of the light shining on them. It’s not meant for them, but they get to feel like it is. Unfortunately for the Groupie, that feeling wears off fairly quickly. Then they are off to the next company, looking for some other successful person to “share” the spotlight.


MLM Junkies


Some people like to join the “next big thing.” They line up to join the next brand new company. It doesn’t matter what the products or service is as long as it’s brand new. These people are looking for a ground floor opportunity. There can be a lot of upside in a brand new company. If they get in early, they’ll be at the top of the “pyramid.” They think that it’s those people who’ve joined early that make all the money. Little do they know that most network marketing companies fail in their first few years of business.


Whether you call them Junkies, Groupies or something else, they are the people who see that the grass is always green on the other side of the fence and they will act like grasshoppers and jump to the next company.


The only way to tell if you’re about to recruit one of these people is to find out how many companies they’ve joined and what was their experience in each. They might tell you that they just wanted to make some money or maybe they will tell you that they joined for the camaraderie. You may not be able to identify them, so recruit them anyway and see what happens.


Well, good luck with the Groupies and Junkies! You’ll probably see a lot of them during your career.



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