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Blog post ideas, for a rainy day or everyday?



10 blog post ideas



For those of us who have taken on the arduous task of blogging for leads, the daily quest for new ideas to blog about is of great importance. I’ve been blogging, off and on, for 3 years now. I have written 330 posts, to date. It may not be a lot of posts, but at times it has been very difficult to come up with an idea for an article and the energy needed to write it.



I have come up with 10 general ideas for blog posts that I hope will give you ideas on what to blog about, especially when you are having trouble thinking up something new to write about.



My 10 favorite blog post ideas



MLM company reviews



There are somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 network marketing companies conducting business at any one time. You could write a new review blog post for each company. That would certainly keep you busy for years. There are always new network marketing companies being launched as well. In theory, this could keep you going forever.



Comparing MLM companies



You could write a blog post that compares two different MLM companies that are in the same niche. There are lots of MLM companies in the weight loss niche. Pick two of them and compare them. Compare all aspects of each company. Like, how much does it cost to sign up. The costs and effectiveness of their products. You can write about the type of compensation plan each company uses. You can write about their similarities and their differences.



MLM product reviews



Offer up your unbiased review of any product that is out there. What is the product how much does it cost and does it do what the company says it will do, are all things that you can write about. Try to find product reviews, from other people who are using the product, to add to your review.



blog post ideas ... compare MLM products



Comparing MLM products



This is similar to comparing MLM companies. You will find two products in the same niche and compare them to each other. They can be the same type of product or they could be different. You can compare two different company’s shampoo or you could find one company that sells weight loss shakes and one that has a weight loss pill. Which one is easier to use? Which one is the most effective?



Comparing tools of the trade



There are many “tools of the trade” that we, as marketers, use for our businesses. There are web hosting companies and domain registrars. There are indispensable tool like an autoresponder and a squeeze page. Obviously, there are many different companies to choose from. You could compare the pricing and features of any two or even more companies. You could compare Godaddy to Name Cheap or compare Aweber to Get Response.



Instead of comparing two different tools, you could just write about the tools that you are using, now. If you are an affiliate for them, these types of posts can generate some extra income for you.



We’re not done yet.  There are 5 more blog post ideas to go.



Personal experiences within your business



blog post ideas ... tell about your last vacay



As you conduct your business, you will find that interesting and educational things happen to you. People love a good story. You will be surprised how many interesting things will happen to you as you grow your business. Here are a couple of ideas for you. “How I generated 100 leads on LinkedIn” or “How I finally recruited my brother in law.” You can write about the things that didn’t work out the way you thought they would. “The night no one showed up for my product demo.”



Personal experiences that have nothing to do with the business



Your audience will want to get to know you better, as time goes by. The best way to allow them to become more familiar with you is to share different aspects of your personal life. You can describe your latest vacation. You could tell the story of what happened at the grocery store. Most of you readers will be able to relate to what you go through on a day to day basis. This creates a bond of familiarity.



Controversial subjects



Controversial subjects can be the most fun thing to write about and it can generate a ton of traffic. Anything that you can write about that will evoke an emotional response is a great subject to write about. Something like, “There are three things that gurus tell you to do that I will never do.” “The 3 reasons I never do backlinking for my blog posts.” I recently wrote a post called, “Your business presentation sucks!” You’re looking to spark an interest in your audience. If your readers sees your title and thinks, “What do they means by that?” then you have them!



Referencing a famous person and what they do in the business



blog post ideas ... talk about famous people



Any time that you can mention someone that is famous, you are going to attract a lot of attention. All you have to do is put their name in the title of your post. “The 3 best tips from Robert Kyosaki.” “Why you shouldn’t do what Donald Trump says.” You could be controversial and write a post like, “Why Jim Rohn has it all wrong.” Most people will be interested in anything that a celebrity or guru has to say. Even if you aren’t going to mention them in the actually article.



Tips and tricks of the business



As you progress in your business, you will learn a “few things.” These are the things that have helped you to grow your business. As you are ready to share them with the world, you can write a great about post about how you did it. You can write about things like, “How I overcame my fear of public speaking.” “This is how my upline recruited 9 people in 21 days and you can too.” “How to recruit your family members, with ease!” It can be a list of tips or you can go into depth about exactly how you accomplished something in your business. You readers will be very hungry for this kind of information! They all want to be able to do what you say you can do.



blog post ideas ... share your tips and tricks



Well, there you have it. Those are just 10 great blog post ideas for you. When your “idea well” is dried up, I hope that these will help you get through! Good luck and have fun writing!



I’ll have more ideas for blog content coming soon!



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