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If you have a blog and I highly recommend that you do have one, do you ever feel like it is drowning in the sea of blogs on the internet? If you have felt that way it’s because your blog is drowning in the sea of the internet. Did you know that there are nearly 1 billion websites on the web, now? Almost half of those are blogs. No wonder blogging is so tough.


Just in case those statistics weren’t impressive enough, here are a few more. I’m in the network marketing niche, so these stats are for that niche. You could easily look up the stats in whatever niche you are in. Go to Alexa.com and input the blogger URL and find out about your niche. I’d bet that they are similar to what I found.


Did you know that the amount of time the average visitor spends on the 2 top blogs in the network marketing niche is between 2 and 3 minutes? The average visitor looks at 2-3 pages of those blogs. I have to admit to being in shock.


That’s the sum total of the engagement they get with their visitors. Those are the top bloggers, too.


What can we do to improve our blogs to rival that kind of engagement?


Write about what the top bloggers are writing about


more blogging tips


I’d love to say write about what interests you and I will say that, but it should be in the context of what others are writing about. What the heck does that mean? Go out and read a bunch of posts by the top bloggers in your niche and find a topic that has some interest for you. It doesn’t have to be the same topic. It can be a related topic. You can certainly continue to write about what you find interesting, when you’d like to.


Why we would want to do that?


Because the top bloggers have the most visitors. They have the most visitors because they write about what their readers want to read about. I would suggest writing on the same or similar topics, but put your own spin on the information. Write your article from a different angle or viewpoint. If you happen to disagree with the article, all the better. You can leave a comment on the blogger site and invite their readers to get your viewpoint on your blog.


Write longer posts, but front load the best information


There’s a tug of war going on, behind the scenes. As a blogger we want Google to like and rank our posts, but if you notice, people aren’t spending a lot of time on the top bloggers sites. These days, Google seems to be ranking articles that are longer. If you’ve noticed, the top 10 articles are probably between 1,500 and 2,000 words long. Can a visitor read a 2,000 word article in 2 minutes? I couldn’t.


I might be able to read 350 words in 2 minutes. Maybe. As a blogger, what are we to do?


longer article rank better


As the subheading says, write longer articles, but put the best information, that you have, in the first 2 to 3 paragraphs. You need to engage your visitors for as long as you can. If a reader doesn’t like what they have read in the first paragraph or two, they’re probably gone.


Bonus blogging tips #1:


I call it an “open loop” when there is an unsolved problem or an unanswered question. The human mind hates when there is an “open loop.” It needs to close that “loop.” How can we help to close that loop?


Try to end your paragraphs questions. Do you know why we would want to end a paragraph with a question?


Because the mind wants to read that answer, even if it knows the answer already. A reader who sees a question at the end of a paragraph is more likely to continue reading.


Bonus blogging tips #2:


aren't you glad I didn't say blogging tips again


Use as many “useful” subheading as you can. By useful I mean, use subheading where they make sense. They should attract attention and help your readers to find the information that they are looking for.


Blogging really isn’t that difficult, but getting the engagement that you want with your readers is. Use these tips and good luck!


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