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Blog post ideas



There are times when it is more difficult to find ideas for blog posts than other times. I know, I’ve been there and done that. You got on a hot streak and you came up with great or near great ideas for a week or so. Then the next day, well, you draw a blank.



You pull your hair out and rack your brain for an idea. At this point any idea will do. You could write about the dog learning to roll over, but you probably could stretch that out to 500 words.



You already wrote about not having any ideas for a post, the last time that you couldn’t come up with an idea for a post.



When you are trying to, consistently, write 20-25 posts for your blog, each month, this is bound to happen, every once in a while. It happens to me more often than I like to admit!



I wrote a post, a few days ago, where I gave you 10 great blog post ideas. You can read it here.



If you add all of the ideas together, you’d have 19 ideas or subjects to write about. That’s almost enough for the entire month. You could use this as a monthly outline for your articles. Toss in a handful that are written for specific keywords and you’re good to go!



Here are the next 9 blog post ideas for you






a rant post is one of many good blog post ideas



On occasion, you might read a blog post or watch a video that was made by someone else. In there, you find that they hold a view that is about the dumbest thing that you’ve ever heard. Or it may be that someone has done something that you didn’t agree with. It could be just about anything that gets your blood boiling.



A rant post is when you get to write about whatever it is that got you mad in the first place and you get to give your opinions and set the record straight. You can lash out, flame them, yell at them and tell them how dumb you think they are. Just don’t mention any names. No sense starting a war!




There are many ideas that people hold to be true, in network marketing. Like, you should bug your friends until they join your business. That idea probably worked a little bit, back in the 1960s, but it doesn’t do very well these days. Times change and so must we. Any time that you hear someone that has a belief that is old school, doesn’t work now and probably never worked very well even when it was an excepted practice, this is the time to write a rant post.



Case studies



You can conduct an experiment. Once you’re finished you can tell everyone, in your audience, what happened. Some examples of this might be, “I made 10 colds per day for 60 days and these are my results.” Or “I did a specific type of backlinking and this is what happened to my search engine rankings.”



A similar post to this is the “follow along” article. It would be, “I’m going to make 10 cold calls, per day, for the next 60 days, you can follow along and track my results.” You can give weekly or even daily updates, as long as you can make them informative, educational and entertaining!



Answer a question



good blog post ideas



You can solicit questions from your audience. This is the best way to get questions asked of you. Answer the questions that are submitted most often. This guarantees you of repeat visitors.



If you are new or don’t have a responsive audience who are willing to ask you questions, you can go to the forums and find what questions people are asking there. You can also go to other blogs and look for the questions that their audience has asked them. Try to find a question where you can give a different answer that they gave.



Why I “do blank” or Why I don’t “do blank”



This will be an article where you give an explanation for things that you do or don’t do. There may be things that you do that most other people don’t do. This is your chance to tell the world why you do them. Your post could be, “Why I buy lunch for all of my prospects” or it could be “Why I never buy lunch for my prospects.”



Only 4 more blog post ideas to go



Tweetable lists



having things to tweet  are good blog post ideas



People love to read articles with lists in them. The longer the list the better! A longer list implies that there is something in there for everyone. Even if your reader doesn’t like the first 10 things on your list, they keep reading. They are looking for that one thing that they have in their mind. That one thing that they will have in common with you.



You can go to Click to Tweet and create a tweet button for every item on your list. Now you can see another advantage of a longer list.



Trust borrowing



Are you a network marketing guru? Are you, at least, a top earner in your company? Or are you new to the business and even newer to blogging? If you are a guru or top earner then you automatically getting respect and trust from your audience. What are the rest of us supposed to do?



We can borrow some of the respect and trust that the established gurus have. How do we do that? Great question!



How about write a post that about a gurus ideas, method and procedures?



“The 12 best recruiting tips of Guru #1.” “6 things that Guru #2 never does in a video marketing campaign.”



trust borrowing  great blog post ideas



It turns out that Guru #1 is one of network marketing’s top recruiters. You’ve gone out and gathered up 12 different recruiting tips that Guru #1 uses. It’s much easier for someone to read your one post about those 12 methods than it would be for them to go to Guru #1’s website and find those 12 articles and read them all.



Any time you can consolidate a bunch of information, from a lot of different places and combine them into one place, you’ve made life that much easier for a lot of people!



Network marketing news



You can use Google for this. Go to Google and click on the News tab. Put your search term in, like network marketing or MLM, and see what news items it finds. There’s always something interesting happening in the network marketing world.



A company went out of business or a new business opened its doors. Someone may have been arrested for something or a company may be announcing a new product line.



Here is the last of my blog post ideas, but certainly not the least!



How to …



The ever popular “how to” post. There are at least a million different things that can be done in a network marketing business and if you run out of things you can add in the millions of things that you can do in WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.



great blog post ideas - write how to articles



If something needs to be done then it probably could use your explanation of how to do it, you can write a post about it.



Here are a few examples.



“How to set up a WordPress blog.” “How to edit a WordPress theme.” “How to conduct a home meeting.” “How to write a blog post.”



I’m not going to write all million of the things that you can write about!



That concludes my list of 9 or maybe 9 ½ blog post ideas. I hope you found them helpful.



When it comes to blog post ideas, use you imagination. Be creative and always try to educate or entertain. You can hardly go wrong!



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