What is backlinking?

This post won’t really be about any one particular backlinking strategy.  I’ll save that for another post.  Well, since we have already looked at blog commenting for traffic, I’ll go over using blogs for backlinks.

What is backlinkng and is it important to you?

Backlinking is really just what it says it is.  A link from another site or page that links back to your site or page.


What is backlinking


You may have heard the phrase, in life, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  The internet is pretty much the same way.  But it seems that it is also “who knows you.”

By that I mean, that it is the backlinks that tells the search engines how “popular” you are.

So the internet is a popularity contest?

In a way, yes.  A backlink is like saying, “I know this site and I liked it.  You should visit it as well.”  And by clicking on the backlink, you will be taken there, as if by magic!

So if you have ever been on a forum or even on Facebook and said, “Hey, I got this at Amazon.com,” and you had the link there, then Amazon just got a backlink.  It’s just that simple.  That kind of link is sometimes referred to as a “natural link.”  A link that is actually someone saying “I liked the site.”

There are two types of backlinks.  

A “dofollow” link. That is a link that the search engines will follow back to the page that it is linked to.

A “nodofollow” link.  That is a link that the search engine won’t follow back to the page that it is linked to.

Hopefully, you have had the chance to read my post about blog commenting for traffic.  In it I discussed that we can use nodofollow blogs to drive traffic from just by adding to the conversation, in a brilliant manner.  People reading a highly trafficked blog might follow your link to your site and read what you have to say.

A bonus to that scenario is to find a blog that has a “dofollow” link.  So not only do you get to dazzle their readers with your brilliance, you also get a backlink to your blog.

Now enter, Page Rank.  Sometimes referred to as PR.  What’s PR?  Well, Google assigns every page or most every page with PR.  The scale goes from n/a or 0 to 10.  The higher the PR the more “authority” the site site.  What’s authority?  Good question.  Some sites are considered to be “experts” in their niche or more trusted sites.  Like Facebook, Amazon, YouTube and Google are high PR sites.

Now if you can get a backlink to your site from an “authority” site in your niche, it helps you out, because you will receive some of the PR from the “authority” site.  This is commonly called “link juice.”

How does getting backlinks from high PR Sites help you?

If you backlink from an authority site to a post of yours then Google sees your post as having a little of that authority and will rank your post higher in the search engine result pages.

So now we have something else to look for when blog commenting.  High PR sites that have a “dofollow” attribute or link scheme.

How can we find those types of blogs?

Google does have a “sub search engine” called “Do Follow Blogs.”  You can find it here.

Enter your niche or keyword in the search box and Google will return blogs that have the dofollow attribute.  With that said, I have tried the search engine and I get mixed results.  Some blogs that are returned are not dofollow.  So that is hit or miss there.

You can also go to Google Images and enter any of the following, separately of course:

“KEYWORD” inurl:ifollow*.gif
“KEYWORD” inurl:ifollow*.jpg
“KEYWORD” inurl:ifollow*.png
“KEYWORD” inurl:ucomment
“KEYWORD” unurl:ifollow
“KEYWORD” utrackback_ifollow.gif
“KEYWORD” utrackback_ifollow.jpg
“KEYWORD” utrackback_ifollow.png
“KEYWORD” ifollow-red.png
“KEYWORD” ifollowmagenta.gif

You will get a bunch of pictures in the returns of the “U comment, I follow” graphic.

Click on the pictures and it will take you to the blogs.  You’ll have to exit out of the picture first then look for a place to comment.

If you are using Firefox you can get the Add On of SEO Quake and this will tell you the current PR of every page that you visit.  I would suggest commenting on every blog, even if it has no PR.  Just look to see if it is top 1,000,000.  SEO Quake will give you that information as well.

I did a quick search and found a handful of blogs in the business, blogging and SEO arena.

You’ll have to copy and paste them but they are all PR3 or better.  You should be able to find a suitable post to comment on and earn some decent backlinks and some PR as well.


list of dofollow blogs



What is backlinking and why should you do it?

Because backlinks will build your site up in the eyes of the search engines and it will help drive traffic to your site!

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