Are you batching your content?


What is batching?


its batching not basket

I’ve been hearing about batching content for several years. I have to admit that I really didn’t know what that was. I heard a podcast by Pat Flynn, who is an incredible internet marketer, and he explained what batching content was and how he managed to do it.


Batching content is just making a bunch of your content, whatever types you do, all in 1 day. Pat Flynn does 8 of his podcasts in 1 days. His podcasts last about an hour. This is an all day thing for him. He is always many episode ahead. If he needs to take a day off or even a week off, he has his content already prepared.


I’ve read some blogs, in the meantime, that say that bloggers are are also writing many articles, in 1 day and batching their content.


Am I here to advocate for batching of content? Absolutely!


Am I advocating this practice because I do it? Absolutely, not!


As much as I would like to batch content, I just have not been able to do that. I wake up every morning and I have no idea what I am going to write about. Not only do I have to find something to write about, I have to find something that I want to write about. That’s not an easy combination to find.


There have been a few days that I actually have written 2 articles in one day. I publish one on that day and set the other one to post the next day. Those were good days. They just don’t happen nearly enough.


batching several articles a day


Then there are the really bad days when I just don’t feel like writing or can’t find anything that interests me enough to write about. Yesterday was a great example of what can happen. I was having problems with my 13 year old going to sleep and leaving me alone long enough for me to go to sleep. I wound up getting 4 ½ hours of sleep. Needless to say, I was dragging all day long. I wanted to write this article, but I had no energy to do it.


I’m doing better today and I am here to write! Yay!


I have no idea how many people are like me. I wish I could offer a solution to this problem, but I’m not sure how to conquer this.


Here is the process that I go through every day.


I wake up and I start to think about what I want to write about. If I come up with an idea, that I have knowledge about, I don’t have a problem writing 500-900 words. It takes me about 30 minutes to write 500 words. If I have an idea that I have no knowledge about, I have to do the research on the subject so I know it well enough to write about. That can add another 30-60 minutes to the process.


batching takes time


I could have 90 minutes into the writing process, by now. Then I have to edit it, do all of the on page SEO that I do, add pictures and then post it. That could be another 30 minutes, total. That could be almost 2 hours from start to hitting the publish button.


Now I have to wonder how many articles could I write in a day?


I’m thinking 2 would be my maximum.


I need a solution, because I hate it when I have to skip a day’s content. I do schedule 4-6 days off a month, but I really want to have new content for everyone on those 24-26 days.


My “solution”



is this the solution to my batching problem

I think I am going to spend part of the weekend looking for subjects to write about in the coming week. I can write 1 article all the way to publishing it and write 1 article up to the point of editing it. I can add pictures, do the SEO and publish it the next day. That should leave enough time to write at least 1 article to the editing point and maybe I can write a second article to that point as well.


I would hope that I could get ahead of the game during the first week and if I happen to not be able to write on any day the next week, I will have articles in reserve.


Which all sounds fine and dandy, but can I stick to it?


I’ve heard that the best laid plans, of mice and men, often go awry!


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