I need some blog posting ideas

Blog posting ideas


blog posting ideas


Every so often I run into problems thinking up new things to write about. If you have been blogging for a while, I’m sure you’ve run into that as well.


It’s the worst! I’m wanting to write a post 6 days a week and now this happens. Now I’m stuck for something of interest to write about. I did what I normally do when this happens. I started by opening up my list of keywords. I didn’t see anything in there that I was interested in writing about. Then I went online and started looking at other blogs. I wanted to see what everyone was writing about over the past few days. Who knows, maybe something will spark some inspiration.


As I was perusing the web, I noticed that there are a lot of really good blogs out there. I have several “go to” blogs. The blogs that I can usually find something to write about.


My process is to go through some of the posts on their blogs and I look for something that I disagree with. If I agreed with them, I’d probably write the same article. Now that’s not always true. If I have agreed with a post but I thought that I could explain it in simpler terms or in a way that it would be easier to understand, then I would write about the same thing.


When I disagree with something, I then do some more research to see how many others have the same opinion as what I just read. The more people who agree, the better it is for me. I can get a good “mad on” about it and then I’m really ready to write.


Just a quick example. There are many internet marketing gurus out there. I won’t mention any names but, if I did, you’d know most of them. I’m on several of the gurus mailing lists. I like to see “what’s so great about them.” I get emails from them about once a month sometimes less. I open the emails and all they do is try to sell me something. There are a few that actually send out information that is sometimes useful to me. At least they are leading with value.


I don’t really blame them for trying to sell something every stinkin’ time they email me. After all, their reputations precede them. I’m sure that they can get away with it. I’m sure they make a good living doing what they are doing. So I tip my hat to you gurus! I suppose you have earned the right to come across like the proverbial used car salesman!


I’m just giving a quick idea of how I can find things to write about when something doesn’t seem quite right, to me.


Back to the problem at hand. What should I write about today?


I need blog posting ideas.


writing about traffic generation



In my online travels today, I saw a lot of nice looking blogs.


To my surprise, they had high page rank but, unfortunately, they all had very high Alexa rankings. That’s the bad kind of high rankings. Alexa rankings are based on the amount traffic your blog or site is getting. So the lower the number of your ranking the more traffic you are getting.


The blogs that I was reading were anywhere between 2,000,000 and 15,000,000. So they are not get much traffic, if any. Which is really too bad. They were nice looking blogs and had well written posts. You might find really good information on some of them or maybe not. But they at least need to be getting some traffic.


I thought I’d share an idea that I had for these people.  Finally a blog posting idea!


If you are a blogger and you need some easy traffic, for free, I’d make these few suggestions.


Use traffic exchanges. Basically, a traffic exchange is a business that will allow it’s members to send out email advertisements to other members. Most of them have a join for free option. You earn mailing credits by visiting other people’s sites. Once you have enough credits you can send out an email of you own and invite them to read your blog.  Pick your best post and out the email ads.  If you mail to 1000 people you should get 20-40 visitors. If you are a member of enough, you can use them one time per day and get 20-40 every day. At least this gives you some visitors that will read your content. That’s a good thing. This probably isn’t the highest quality traffic but it’s not a bad place to start.


Use Craigslist.org free ads. Make sure that you are in compliance with Craigslist’s terms but you should be able to find a way to advertise whatever free gift you have on your site. Maybe you have a recipe as your gift. Visit “mysite.com” to get the very best chicken pot pie recipe on earth!


Use Facebook and Twitter. You can tell your friends and followers that you have a blog and you want them to at least visit your site and tell you if they liked it or not. You can even ask them to send their friends and followers to your site. You might be surprised how many people have blogs and never tell their real life friends about it.


find people to work with


Create your own “tribe.” Find other bloggers who need traffic. All bloggers need traffic. Or more traffic. Contact them and suggest that you work together to get traffic. You can do this by having them visit your site and “Liking” you post, “tweeting” it, and adding social bookmarks for you. You agree to do the same for them. Find 5 or maybe 10 other bloggers who would do this for each other and your in business. If you have 5 people in your “tribe” and they add 5 bookmarks per post each day for you, it will add up quicker than you think. Add in the “tweets” and “likes” and you could see a flood of traffic coming your way.


Use your autoresponder to email your list as you post. This will keep the people on your list coming back to your site on a regular bases.


I can tell you that Alexa says that only 2% of my traffic comes from the search engines. Where does the rest of it come from?


To sum it up: Write killer content! Advertise! Form alliances! Gather email addresses!


All that traffic will be free!


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