Content creation isn’t always easy



Content creation



content creation is difficult at times




One of the biggest problems bloggers face is where to get good ideas for new content. I speak from experience, it isn’t always easy to come up with good ideas to write about. Sometimes it’s down right impossible.


Have you been there and done that, yet?


It gets to be a grind after a while. Sitting in front of a computer and keyboard and having no idea what to write about. Knowing that you have to write about something. It’s not a very good feeling! Maybe you’ll get lucky and pull an idea out of your … hat. Or somewhere else … a little lower.


What are you going to do, if you can’t find anything to write about?


One of my favorite ways to get good ideas to write about is to go to other people’s blogs and read their articles.


Sooner or later you will come across a post that sparks an idea or an emotion in you and you have something to write about. Most of the time that I use this method, I look for posts that I disagree with the writer.


It’ll be like, how can you think that? Or that won’t work. Or maybe even, I have a better way of thinking about that.


Content creation made easy



content creation made easier

 Content creation


The subject isn’t all that critical. As long as it is niche appropriate. Remember, that you had no idea what to write about.


Another way that you can use method is to read enough articles about a subject and learn about what other people are doing. Then you can write your own article about the subject. Kind of melding all the thoughts that the writers had on the subject. This will be “your take” on the subject.


Every once in a while, I find a post that I think is so good or so profound that I think that my readers would benefit from reading the post. I’ll paraphrase the article, and I’ll even give a link back to the original post, just in case someone wants to read it in its original form. Then I add in some of my own thoughts on the subject. There, I have my post for the day.



there are many places to find ideas for content creation



I surf the internet to find blogs. I have also joined several forums and network marketing groups. I read them regularly, for my own benefit, and if I am in a pinch and need an idea, I’ll go out specifically to find ideas.


One last tip. After you write your post, go back to the blog where you got your idea from. You can leave a comment and add a link to your article. Please be respectful, even if you really disagree with the writer.


This method has turned out to be a real life saver!


If you need to find an idea for your blog, go to your favorite search engine and start reading.


Content creation doesn’t have to be difficult!



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