Where can I create a blog

where can i create a blog


How to start a blog of your own



If you are new to the world of online network marketing, you may be looking to have your own website. Although you don’t need a website to have a business online, it certainly can help you to have one. You may be asking yourself, “Where can I create a blog?” Or better yet, “Where can I create a blog for free?” Because you can’t beat that price!


I’m here to suggest that you don’t just create a regular website. I’m here to tell you that it is better to use a blog format, rather than program a website from scratch. Blogs are very search engine friendly. You will find that blogs rank better and quicker than their coded website counterparts.


Where can I create my own blog?


First things, first. You’ll need to decide which blogging platform that you would like to use. There are, literally, hundreds of places to run your blog. I’m not going to publish a list of them all. I’ll tell you about several places to run your blog and I do recommend one.


The 2 most popular places to run a blog are WordPress and Blogger.


I did, at one time, have a blog on blogger.com. It was fine. I found blogger.com fairly easy to use. The one thing that I didn’t like about it was that in the end, you don’t really own your blog. All blogs are a subdomain of blogger.com. The URL of your blog will be something like yourdomainname.blogger.com. It’s long and can be difficult to remember a URL like that. Because your site is a subdomain, you don’t really own the site.



where can i create a blog now



Blogger is owned by Google. I do have some issues with Google. I won’t go into them here.


The other platform is WordPress. There are two different types of WordPress platforms. There is the free side, located at wordpress.com. Then there is a “paid” side, located at wordpress.org. WordPress.com is set up like Blogger.com. All sites are a subdmain of wordpress.com. You really don’t own your site there either.


You can run your blog on wordpress.org and that’s what I use and recommend. You don’t actually pay for the blog platform. You do have to provide your own domain name. The domain name you have to register and pay for. You also must provide your own hosting. Hosting just means the computer or server that your blog will reside.


Do you really own your blog if you are using wordpress.org?


The quick answer is … sort of.


It is kind of like owning your own home. You can live there. You can use the home for your enjoyment but, if you don’t pay your mortgage, you’ll find out that you never really owned the property. Even if you pay off your mortgage, try not paying your property taxes. You’ll find out who really owns your home.


As long as your pay for your domain name and keep it current and you pay for your hosting account, you sort of own your blog.

Where can I create a blog for free?


Like I said earlier, there are hundreds of places to run your blog. Some of the more popular platforms are tumblr.com, squidoo.com, weebly.com, hubpages.com and livejournal.com. All of these are free to host and run. They all have their pros and cons.




where can i create a blog for free



Where can I create a blog and pay for it?


Yes, there are many blogging platforms out there that you can pay for the pleasure of using them. Two of the biggest and best are typepad.com and squarespace.com. They are both in the $8.00-$9.00 per month price range. As good as these platform are, they seem expensive compared to the free platforms.



where can i start a blog and pay for it



When you ask yourself, where can I create a blog, there are many factors to take into consideration. Are you going to be a casual blogger or a professional? What level of technical expertise do you bring to the table? Do you really want to pay for a blog every month? The answers to these questions will help you to decide which platform is best for you.


Where can I create a blog?


Again, I highly recommend wordpress.org.


There are ways to use the other platforms in your online business. Google loves backlinks. If you can use a different IP address when you sign up for these other sites, you can use these other blogs for backlinks to your main blog. I’m, by no means, an expert on this strategy. If you do use it, I’d find someone who can give you more and better information than I’d have for you.




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