Don’t give away the store

Blogging for leads is a delicate balance



How is a Chinese food restaurant like blogging?



don't give away the store



That has got to be the strangest question that has been posed on this blog!


I was in the local mall last weekend. I walked around the whole mall. The last stretch was through the food court. We have the usual suspects there. McDonald’s, Chik-fil-et and Popeye’s amongst the rest. We have a local Chinese restaurant there as well. I can’ think of the name off the top of my head but I think it has something to do with dragons.


Out of all the restaurants in the court, there was only one giving out samples. There were people walking along and grabbed a toothpick with a piece of Chinese chicken on it. They’d try it and keep on walking. Then there were some who would try it and get in line to make a purchase. Then there were the people who tried it and liked it. Then they’d walk a ways and turn around to get more free chicken. They’d walk back and forth and get as much food as they could. Because, there’s only one thing better than food …. free food!


That’s a pretty good story, huh?


I’m not sure if I have answered the original question.


Some of you may see the correlation.


As an attraction marketer we are taught to be a coach of sorts. We are to lead with value. That means that we help others to learn things about business and how to conduct a profitable business. Basically, we share, no, giveaway good information to perfect strangers, in hope of them one day acknowledging that we offered them free help. By acknowledging us, I mean that they will one day buy a product or service from us or look at our business presentation and joining our company.



give away samples on your blog



Most of these attraction marketers are using a central hub, a blog, to send visitors to. On their blogs they are giving away information in the form of a free gift in order to gather the visitors contact information. Then they are posting articles that are that will hopefully be helpful enough to keep them coming back. Their posts are samples, like the Chinese restaurant was giving away.


That’s advertising!


What does all of that have to do with the Chinese restaurant in my story?


When you are blogging you find that you have three types of visitors. Probably the people at the Chinese place.


You will get the people who try out your blog and keep on going, never to be seen again. You will get those that try our your blog and like it. They get in line to make a purchase. Those are the kind you like! Then you get those that stop in and like what you are writing about and keep coming back and back and back. They never engage you. They are there to get all of the free information that they can. Because there is only one thing better than information … free information!



don't give away the store


All of that brings me back to the title of this post. Don’t giveaway the store.


Your giveaway gift for your blog needs to be top notch, or better. This is the gift that you are using to capture your visitors contact information.


Over the years, I’ve heard many marketers say, “Give away your best stuff.” I have to humbly disagree with that notion. That is unless you can tie in a product or service to your best stuff. In other words, don’t give away your best stuff unless it makes you money. You could be exchanging your best information for something other than money. You could be using it to get people in front of your company’s business presentation or something like that.


It’s like the cow and the free milk. Who would buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?


why buy the cow?



Your blogging should be a balance of good and useful information that keeps people coming back for more, without giving away the whole store.


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