What is guest blogging?

what is guest blogging?


Guest blogging or guest posting is exactly what is sounds like. It is writing a post or article for a blog that you do not own.


What is guest blogging and why should I consider doing it?



There a many benefits of guest blogging for both the guest blogger and the blog owner.

1.  Meet new blog owners

Guest blogging allows you to meet other blog owners in your niche or closely related niches.  You have a great opportunity to start forming new networks with them.  This could allow you to meet other “important people” in your niche.  Which in turn, could help you in the future.

2.  Guest blogging will expose you to a new audience

Your writings will be seen by, potentially, thousands of people who might not otherwise meet you.  Each blog that you guest post for has its own readers.  You may have readers in common with them, but it’s a big internet, so probably not.

3.  Guest blogging will help you in brand building.

I’m not big into building your personal brand.  Unless you have a huge advertising budget, which most people don’t.  Building a brand isn’t all that important, but what can be important is just pure and simple name recognition.  You get your name out there in circles that you might have had a difficult time reaching.

4.  Guest blogging will help build links.

When you write a guest blog post, you get to have a link back to your blog.  This is how the readers of the blog you are writing for will find your blog.  This will drive targeted traffic back to your site and give you the opportunity to connect with them.  You can get these new visitors on your list.  This is always good for your business!  The links may be high PR, so you could get some “link juice” from them.


What is guest blogging and how is it good for the blog owner?


1.  They get to meet new blog owners as well. 

People are always looking or should be looking to build new relationships, in their industry.  You never know when you will be meeting the person who will offer the help you need to get to the next level.

2.  The blog owner gets new, fresh content for their blog.

The content will be exclusive to their blog.  It will be from a different prospective and in a different voice.  Hopefully, their readers will find it educational and entertaining.  If they ever need a day off, this is the perfect time to do it.

3.  It will help the owner build links.

You will need to promote your guest post on your own blog.  This will drive targeted visitors, that are your readers, to the blog you are writing for.  This builds links and give the blog owner new visitors as well.

You can see what guest blogging is and how it is a win-win-win scenario.  Both bloggers benefit and the readers will benefit by seeing both blogs as well.

There are two ways to find blogs to guest post on.  The first way is to go to Google’s Blog search engine and type in any of the following terms along with the keyword of your niche or the keyword that you would like to work with.

My niche is MLM or network marketing, so I would enter in either one along with the guest blogging term listed below.  Or I might want to find related keywords like “home based business” or “lead generation methods.”  Any term that could be associated with your industry.


guest blogging can drive targeted traffic


Keep in mind that you’re someone new to the blogger who your are going to ask to guest post on their blog.  Make sure that you introduce yourself first.  Let them get to know you.  Direct them to your blog so they can read your current posts.  You are building relationships with bloggers and then moving on to building relationships with their readers.  You also should read their posts so you know that it is a good fit for their audience.  A blog that you want to guest post on may ask you to write for a particular keyword or from a list of keywords.  They probably will have several rules that you will need to follow.

What is guest blogging?


It is similar to blog commenting, but it is long form and on steroids.  The better your guest post, the more traffic you are likely to drive to your own blog.  Do your best writing when you guest post!

What is guest blogging and how can I find blogs to write for:

The easiest way to find blogs that are looking for people to add their guest post to is to put the following phrases into a blog search engine.

“Add Articles”
“Add Content”
“Submit Article”
“Submit Post”
“Add Guest Post”
“Bloggers Wanted”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”
“Guest Post”
“Guest Posts Roundup”
“Guest Blogging Spot”
“Write for Us”
“Submit a Guest Post”
“Submit Guest Post”
“Become a Guest Blogger”
“Submit a Guest Article”
“Guest Post Guidelines”
“Guest Bloggers Wanted”
“Submit an Article”
“Group Writing Project”
“Want to Write for”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Posts”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Blogging”
“Blogs that Accept Guest Bloggers”
“Blogs Accepting Guest Posts”
“Become a Contributor”
“Submit Design News”
“Submit News”
“Community News”
“Submit Tutorial”
“Submit Blog Post”
“Suggest a Post”
“Suggest a Guest Post”
“Become an Author”
“Contribute to our Site”
“Become a Contributor”
“Become a Guest Writer”
“Places I Guest Posted”
“My Guest Posts”
“Publish Your News”
“Submission Guidelines”
“Guest post by”
“This guest post was written”
“Guest Contributor”
“This guest post is from”
“This is a guest article”
“Now Accepting Guest Posts”
“The following guest post”

It can be very time consuming to search like that so I would suggest taking a shortcut and go to:

This is a service that connects bloggers with people who want to submit content as a guest blogger.



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