Increasing website traffic for your blog

Increasing website traffic for your blog is job number 1!


So what are the keys to doing just that?  The main thing that you need to do is to post to your blog consistently.  Posting daily will result in increasing website traffic.  More on that in a minute.

My suggestion is that you Do Not write with the search engines in mind.  Keep one eye on them but your job is to make sure that all of your visitors have a great experience while they are on your site.  If you have an 80% bounce rate (defined as viewing one page and leaving your site) you are not doing your job.

If your are relying on the search engines for increasing your website traffic then you’ll need to do a better job on informing your visitors.  You need to be able to give them a lot of good information.

I would also suggest that you have links within each post that link to other posts on your site.  This will increase the odds of your visitors reading your other posts.  That will lower your bounce rate.

It is the job of the search engines to return pages that will give their searchers the most pleasant experience that they can have.  This is what keeps them in business.  If they were to return pages that had every other word the keyword searched the reader would not be pleased.  Keep keyword density to 1%.  Unless a higher rate is necessary.  It seems so unnatural to read a post with a 5% keyword density.  You just know that writer wrote that for Google and not
for me to learn something of use.

I would say that you need to post at least 4-5 times per week and daily is better.  It can be tough to find things to write about everyday.  You can write a post dedicated to a certain keyword a few times per week.  Then you can wrote something about yourself, a little more personal if you want.  You can write for inspiration or information.  It can be anything that you think would help someone advance their business.

You don’t have to write a literary masterpiece every time out. Just add value to your visitors lives and provide them with a pleasant experience and you have done your job!  Whether you educate or entertain, you need to be writing for your visitors not for the search engines.


Increasing website traffic


Some of the benefits of increasing website traffic are as follows:

1. Increased exposure for you and your site
2. Being seen as an authority in your niche
3. Increasing revenues by selling marketing products
4. Building a list to market to
5. Having more people to show your business to

A week ago I decided to start blogging every day or most every day to see how it would effect my traffic stats.  When I started my site had an Alexa.com rank of over 1,250,000.  After just one week of blogging I have moved to 810,000.  I have to admit that I was stunned.  I thought they Alexa got it wrong or something.  It had to be a mistake but sure enough, I rechecked the next day and I am still at 810,000.

I am telling you about this to illustrate that being consistent in your blogging will payoff and payoff quickly!  Try it and let me know what happens.

If you are writing quality content you will avoid the wrath of those cute creatures, the panda and the penguin!

Increasing website traffic is your main job but do it by giving your readers the quality content they desire!

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