Why would anyone listen to me?



Blogging for network marketing leads


blogging for network marketing leads


I know that feel of thinking that you don’t know enough to be blogging for network marketing leads. There are so many feelings of inadequacy, in the beginning. There must be a lot of bloggers out there that are way better than me. Honestly, there are a lot of bloggers out there that are going to be better than you and me. I know that there are people out there that I think are way better than I am, but I don’t need to be the best blogger in network marketing. I just need to be good.


When you think network marketing blogs, you think of Ray Higdon, Eric Worre or Randy Gage. My name probably isn’t at the top of the list. I’m okay with that.


I don’t need the entire network marketing world to read my blog. I just need to get my slice of the pie. I have a target market and I am writing to and for them.


That’s the way that you need to think about blogging, if you’re going to be blogging for leads.


You’re probably thinking, that’s all fine and dandy, but really …. why would anyone listen to me?


You are a unique person with your own life experiences. You might be a divorced, single mom who has 2 jobs to try to make ends meet. A 25 year old male firefighter might not be able to relate to your experiences, but there is a large segment of the population that can. You can talk to anyone who has been divorced. You can talk to moms or single moms. You can talk to people who have multiple jobs.


find an audience to talk to


Like I said there is a large section of the population who might be interested in listening to you.


You may not be an expert in network marketing, but you have a lot to say to a lot of people. If you tell your story in an entertaining or educational way, you’ll have people who want to listen to what you have to say.


My top 5 tips for anyone who is thinking about blogging for network marketing leads are:


Be yourself


You don’t have to try to be one of the top bloggers in this industry. You’ll attract a crowd and it will be different from the crowd that listens to other people. You’re good enough just being who you are. If you are open and honest, people will relate to you and want to listen to you. Write as if you are talking directly to someone and write like you talk.


Don’t try to be a hero


Don’t try to be all things to all people. Pick an audience to talk to and write to them. Write about things that would be of interest to that audience. You should already know them because they are you. Write about things that will solve their problems. If you are able to entertain or educate people, they will be back, often!


Be consistent


You need to decide how often you are going to be writing a new blog post. The more often you write, the more chances you have of interacting with your audience. I would suggest picking out a minimum number of days that you will write new articles and stick to that schedule. It’s great if you can exceed the minimum, but never go under. If your minimum numbers of posts per week is 5 then make sure you write 5 articles every week.


Teach what you learn


As you learn new things about network marketing, you can pass along that new knowledge. You can also learn things from new experiences that you have. If you talked to your first prospect, you can write about that. You can read books, listen to CDs or talk to an expert in network marketing. You can write about all of those things.


Build a list


Set up an autoresponder to capture leads for you network marketing business. This is probably the most critical thing that you need to do before you start to blog. Everyone who visits your blog is a potential lead for your business. The only way you’ll know for sure is if you have a way for them to give you their email address.


Keep in mind that blogging for leads is a long term strategy. Once you do get it “rolling,” you should get a steady stream of leads coming into your business!


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