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Well, seemingly, I lack both at this stage of the game. I wanted to talk a bit about both of these, as they are key ingredients in generating new leads with you blog.


Maybe you are blogging for leads and maybe you aren’t. If you aren’t you could probably stop reading now and go on your merry way. If you are blogging for leads, then this might be of interest to you.


If you have read some of my older posts then you know that it was not a very good last 45 days for me. An old friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I’d been sick for about 6 weeks and I never did get to see him before he passed. That’s been troubling.


Then there was the story of my two computers. One of them got the boot sector damaged. I think the data is still on there, I just haven’t been able to rescue any of it yet. I just sent a text message to a friend of mine to help me liberated it from the confines of a damaged hard drive. No word yet. The other computer just stopped working. I mean, what are the odds that both of my computers stop functioning less than 24 hours of each other.



Out Of Order Stock Photo



Lesson learned! I got a flash drive for Christmas. I rarely ask for anything but this year was an exception.


I was ready to kick my business into high gear. Then all of this happened. I’m left scratching my head and wondering what exactly happened. In the meantime, I have stopped posting. I can’t even remember the last time I sat down to write a post. Which brings me to the topic of the day, momentum and consistency.


Each of these is critical in blogging for leads.


Inertia says that, unless something is acted on by an outside force, things that are at rest will tend to stay at rest and things that are in motion will tend to stay in motion. In this case, we are the “things.”


When we, or more specifically, I first started blogging, I had a very tough time getting started. I actually like to write. I can imagine how difficult this could be for someone who doesn’t consider themselves to be a writer.


I believe that I only wrote 30 or so posts in my first 7 months. I struggled to get 300-400 words written in each post. I knew I wanted to write 500 or more, it just wasn’t happening. I didn’t want to use a bunch of fluff or filler. I knew no one wanted to read that. When I said all that I had to say in a post, that was it. Even if I had only written 300 words.


Then, I made a conscious decision. If I wanted to generate leads from blogging, I was going to have to up my game. I had to post every day or nearly every day. I made myself sit in front of the computer day after day and write. I began to develop some momentum.


After a week of of writing every day, it became just another part of my day. It got easier to write longer posts. Within a few weeks I was able to write 600-1000+ word articles. It was getting to be fun. Okay, fun may not be the write word.


The consistency of blogging everyday made all the difference to me and my blog.


The search engines really like a site or blog that is growing.  Maintain as much consistency as you can. The momentum will carry you as you go along your way. It does get easier.


That’s the good news in all of this.


there is light at the end of the tunnel



The bad news is that with all of the hoopla going on in my life that past few months, I lost all of my momentum.


Being so preoccupied with everything made it nearly impossible to concentrate long enough to write a post. I’d sit in front of the computer and nothing came to mind to write about. Then I’d go to bed and my mind would start to race with all the ideas of good articles that I should’ve been writing. I’d think that an idea would make a great article and by the time I got to a computer, the next day ,the idea was gone.


Everyone goes through “stuff” in their lives that will interfere with you conducting their business. If you are blogging for leads, can I make a suggestion? Try your best to not give up the momentum that you have built. Write something each day. It doesn’t have to be keyword rich. It needn’t be 750+ words long. It doesn’t even have to be about business. You can write about what you are going through. Share as much as you are comfortable sharing … with 7 billion of your closest friends.


I offer this not as advice but as the one lesson that I have learned from my experience.


I’ll publish this tomorrow and start to rebuild the momentum that I have lost.


On a personal note:


To my friend Ed,


You may be gone from our lives but you are not forgotten. Your pain and suffering are over now. For that I am glad. You will be missed.  Take heart, for we will all see you soon.  Rest easy in the Lord, my friend.


Thank you.



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