Where can I get proofreading for free?

Proofreading for free?  Is that possible?

Well, you just hammered out another 1000 word blog post. You’ve gone through all of it with your spell checker. You have “prettied it up.” You have add your, obligatory, pictures. Anything to break up the monotonous words. It makes it more enjoyable to read. Besides, people love to look at pictures.


You’ve scored well for on page SEO. You know this because you bought and use SEO Pressor. That’s a shameless affiliate plug there! Actually, I use it for every post I write around a keyword. It is also the only piece of software I use and recommend.


where can I get proofreading for free


You press the publish button and you are on your way.


Okay, I have a confession to make. That’s what I used to do. The key words in that sentence are, “used to.”


I like to write. Hopefully, you have found my posts educational, interesting, informative and humorous. Mostly, I hope they have helped in your journey!


I do have to admit something, here and now. I hate to proofread. Well, that’s not exactly true. I hate to proofread my own writing. I hate reading my own stuff. It can’t really explain it but it is just plain weird to read my own writing.


So I didn’t.


You see, I felt like I was a good enough writer to where I wouldn’t make any mistakes. How arrogant was that? I’m writer but my typing skills leave a lot to be desired. I’m not a hunt and peck typist. I use 6 fingers. No, not all on the same hand! It’s 3 fingers on each hand!! I did take typing in high school. I did learn how to type, the correct way. I was was pretty decent back then. I could do 65 words per minute with 3 mistakes or fewer. I think that’s not too bad, for a man. I’m just kidding ladies.


My other problem is that my mind works faster than I can type. Most of the time that is a good thing but, for blogging, well, not so much.


I started my quest to find somewhere that I could get proofreading for free. It had to be good proofreading too. I don’t ask for much, do I?


I scoured the web, looking and looking. No, not really.


The best place to get proofreading for free


I made the decision that, if anyone was going to do my proofreading, it would be me. If I hired someone or better yet got proofreading for free, they would not do as good a job as I could do. A proofreader might catch misspelled words or left out punctuation marks but they would not be able change a whole sentence or substitute a new word that makes more sense. I am the only one who could do that.


If you want proofreading for free, do it yourself. It is a DIY project, for sure. Trust me you will be much happier in the end.  You are making the corrections.


do it yourself


Just to give you an idea of how important it is to do proofreading, I have proofread my last 7 posts. I have found an average of 15 mistakes in each. It’s not that it makes them unreadable but, it is unprofessional … and annoying. It reflects badly on me. It shows a lack of attention to detail that I think most blog readers expect these days.


It wasn’t that I didn’t care about how my blog looked, I just hate to read my own stuff. That part is getting easier though. Which is a very good thing. Because I have 117 other posts to proofread! Oh boy!


You really didn’t think I was going to show you where to get proofreading for free, did you?


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