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Purchase a .com


I’m not going to compare WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  There are a lot of sites out there that you can get a comparison from.

I, personally, like WordPress.org.  So that’s the platform I use.  To me, Google likes the WordPress.org a little better.  So you can rank higher with a self hosted blog.

What’s a self hosted blog?  If you use WordPress.org you’ll need to provide your own hosting, a place for your site to be located.  I have tried several of the host provider out there and found that HostGator was the easiest to use.  If I can figure it out, I know you will have no problems with it.  I have the “Baby Croc” web hosting package.  The most expensive plan is around $12.00 per month and it goes down from there.

Funny thing is, if you use wordpress.org and a self hosted blog, you never even need to visit the actual wordpress.org site to get started.  You load your blog directly from your hosting account.  That part is easy too!

Since you have to use your own hosting, you’ll need to purchase a .com domain name.  I use GoDaddy but I think that there are cheaper alternatives like Nameboy.  I’d suggest searching “cheap domain registrars” and compare pricing.  Be aware that some will offer you a discounted price to get you “in the door.”  Compare the renewal price before deciding on which one is cheapest overall.  You can also find discount codes for some of the companies out there.  Just search “GoDaddy Discount Code” or any other registrar name you are looking for.

As the companies walk you through their registration process, they will ask you to purchase add-ons.

It’s easy to purchase a .com domain name

Basically, you sign up for an account at which company you have chosen.  They provide a search box to look up if “your prefered blog name” is available or not.  I suggest only choosing a TLD, Top Level Domain, name.  Those are the .com, .net or .org variations.  These rank higher in Google than say a .info.

Purchase a .com domain using your own name

Some will tell you to pick a particular keyword for your blog name.  This will help with exact keyword matches to your domain name.  So if you were to pick
www.networkmarketing101.com, and someone searched network marketing in Google, you would get a higher ranking because your domain name contains the exact phrase that is being searched.  Again, to me, I’d say that you are better served by using your name in some way.  workwithjohndoe.com, johndoe.com, whoisjohndoe.com, meetjohndoe.com.  You need the name recognition more than you need to have an exact match to any keyword.



Besides, if you do really good keyword research you can rank for a lot of keywords anyway.

Purchase a .com domain name summary:

1.  Choose a domain name containing your real name.  You’ll benefit from the name recognition!

2.  Choose a registrar company.  I use Godaddy but find a cheaper one if you can.  In this case cheaper is better as they all do the same thing for the most part.

3.  Purchase a .com domain, if you can.  Google like them best.  If you can’t purchase a .com with your name choose a different TLD, top level domain, extension, .net or .org.  Google loves those as well.

4.  Don’t get any of the add-ons that the registrar is trying to sell you through the process.  You really don’t need them.  They may try to sell you, for instance, an email address.  The hosting company provides that in the hosting fee.

5.  Choose a hosting company.  I like HostGator.com.  I have found them to be the easiest to use.

If you purchase a .com domain name and use it for a self hosted blog, I think you will be very happy with the decision.

One last thing, if you go with a totally free blog from wordpress.com, your URL will look like this.  “www.meetjohndoe.wordpress.com”

Personally, I didn’t want the WordPress.com to be in there.  It’s too long of a name and a bit harder to remember.

So get your blog started.  Go out and purchase a .com domain name today!

None of the above links are affiliate links … so feel, guilt, free to click on any of them!

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