How I set up my blog and the plugins I use

I’m not here, today, to walk you through the set up process on WordPress.  At some point I will do that, but not today.  If you need to, you can go to YouTube and find a bunch of videos on the set up process.  Actually, if I can set up a blog, I’m sure you can as well.  I don’t claim to be a tech guru.  So it must be
pretty easy if I can do it.


set up a blog


With that said, all links, I think, are affiliate links.  So I probably would make a couple bucks if you decide to purchase anything listed.

First, I use the Socrates theme.  I really should do an interview with the creator of the theme to see if there is any magic stuff in the theme that helps with Google.  It seems like it does something that will help you in the eyes of Google.  I do find Socrates easy to use and relatively inexpensive.  You can choose from their built in headers, footers, and backgrounds or you can
upload your own into it.  I just used what they have in it.  I kind of like the look of the blog.  I hope you do as well!




Here is a list of the plugins that I have and use.

1.  Akismet – this is a free, built in WordPress plugin that stops spam in your comments.  My blog was a dofollow blog in the beginning.  That was until “they” found me.  “They” being the spam bots.  Akismet has stopped over 2,000 spam comments in about a year.  The problem is that occasionally Akismet stops a real comment.  So I did have to look through all of the spam to see if there were any non-spam comments in there.  There were 2 or maybe 3.  It takes a fair amount of time to go through that much spam, so I decided to go to nodofollow.  Blame the spam bots!

Akismet needs to be activated on their site.  They do ask for donations but you don’t have to donate if you don’t want to.

2.  cbnet Ping Optimizer – This is a free downloadable plugin.  This allows your blog to ping your ping list one time only.  So no matter how often you update the same post it won’t get you in trouble by pinging all the time.  You don’t want to be a ping spammer … very bad!

3.  CommentLuv – there is a free version to download.  Or you can purchase the premium version.  This plugin allows your commenters to have their last blog post title to appear on your blog.  It’s a win-win situation.  You are encouraging visitors to post and they are rewarded for posting.  The premium version allows the visitor to choose from the last 10 posts.  You must register your blog on the CommentLuv site.

4.  Easy Privacy Policy – Google likes to see a Privacy Policy page and this gives you an easy one.  No need to set it up.  It does that by itself.  This is a free download.

5.  Google XML Sitemaps – Google needs a site map and I really like this one.  It does everything for you.  It is also a free download.

6.  Platinum SEO Pack- This free plugin helps you configure your posts for SEO.  It is very helpful.  It is a fill in the blank kind of plugin.  Hint:  Use your keyword in the Title blank and also in the Description box!  This will help you with Google!

7.  SEOPressor – I wrote a post about this plugin.  It is a plugin that needs to be purchased.  Although you can do everything that it offers manually, this really helps you rank by giving you written instructions on how to improve your on page SEO.  If you only purchase one plugin, then you should buy this one!

8.  SEO Slugs – This is also a free download.  It takes out the little words from you post titles when making your URL.  It is supposed to help you with ranking in Google.  If you are using words like “the,” “a” or other short words, this will remove them from the URL that is generated.

9.  Shareaholic | email, bookmark, share buttons – This is  a free download.  There are other bookmarking plugins that you could use. I like this one.  You might like a different one.  This allows your visitors to bookmark a post with ease.  Just click on the bookmarking icon and away you go.

10.  StatPress Reloaded – This is free as well.  It allows you to monitor your sites  visitor stats.

11.  TweetMeme Retweet Button – Free too.  This gives you a retweet icon on your posts.  Makes it very easy for any of your visitors to retweet your post.

12.  Ultimate Google Analytics – Free as well.  This gives you all the Google stats and analytics at your finger tips.

13.  Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This is also a free download.  I really like this one.  It puts up to 5 post titles under each of your other posts.  So when a visitor finishes reading one post they have the opportunity to click on any of the other articles to read them as well.  This will help keep your visitors engaged and reading.  What could be better than that?

14. I have Pop Domination.  I do not current use that.  But I have in the past.  And I might start using it again, but I’m not sure.  I am an affiliate but if you want to purchase the plugin you’ll have to Google search it.  I don’t want my link here since I don’t use this at the moment.

As you can see, most of the plugins that I use are free for the downloading.  So hopefully, that is in your price range.  SEO Pressor is the only pay plugin that I use and I do recommend it.




I do have a few other plugins that I am testing.  Nothing that I would recommend, yet.

I have a widget in use.  That’s how I got the SEOPressor ad on the side of each of my pages.  I just have that one ad up and I do highly recommend getting it and using it.  It has been very helpful in my SEO efforts!


sticky post


If you want to have a “Welcome” post one the front page, as I do, make your first post, your welcome post “Sticky.”  When you write your post there is a “Visibility” section listed in the PUBLISH section.  Click on EDIT and you should be able to click the box and make that post “sticky” so it will always be on your Home Page.

That should. at least, get you started.  If you get all of that done then you should be ready to start writing for your blog.  You can learn more and tweak things as you go.  But get started today!

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