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 seo basics




If you are blogging for leads, you will need to learn at least the basics of SEO.


Search engine optimization is a huge topic. I couldn’t possibly cover it in a post. I will give you a handful of tips that will help you to optimize your blog and your business.


Tip 1


Write your posts for real people.


You probably have heard that content is king. Since the Panda and penguin updates, things have changed. I would say that quality content is now king. If a real person can’t make heads or tails of your content, then what good will it be to get traffic to your site?


If you are in the network marketing business then you are in the relationship building business. Unless, you are going to sponsor Google, don’t write for Google … first.


That qualifier leads us to …


Tip 2 


 High quality content


If you never write for Google, they will not send you the free traffic that you are looking for. What did I mean by, “don’t write for Google … first?” Your real visitors need to be able to read what you have to say. They need to feel like they are getting to know you as you write for them.


You used to be able to use spammy techniques and get ranked by Google. Things like keyword stuffing and things like that. These no longer work and a real person will not be able to read what you write.


high quality content



Good, high quality content gives you the advantage of getting more Facebook “likes” and Twitter  “tweets.”  Those kinds of social sharing will get you a lot of visitors to your blog.


Tip 3



You need to blog 5 or 6 days per week for at least the first 90 days. When you get started on your blog, the search engines don’t know you from a hole in the ground. They don’t know if you are here today and gone tomorrow. You have zero authority in their eyes. As your blog grows, on a daily basis, you are developing a relationship with the search engines.


If you are blogging consistently, they will see you as someone who can be trusted. They will see you as someone who will be around tomorrow and the next day. This trust is what will get you ranked in the search engines.


Tip 4


This may sound like a contradiction to Tip 2 but it isn’t.


Write for keywords.


After all, you do need to rank in the search engines. My suggestion is to write for keywords about 2-3 times per week. I would say that it is more important to be giving useful information to your readers than it is to try to write a post exclusively for Google.


write for keywords when you can



It is a keyword world we live in, so you do need to write posts with keyword in mind that you think you can get ranked for.


Most of the time I write articles that I think will help people to build their businesses. If for some reason I can’t think up something to write about, I will look for a keyword to trigger an idea to write about. Occasionally, I have an idea that goes with a keyword that I think I can get ranked for. That’s the best of both worlds. I get to write good, useful information for my readers and I get to write about a keyword for Google to rank me for.


Tip 5






Get backlinks to your content.


You can write great and informative posts. You can write posts that are written around good keywords. If you don’t get high quality backlinks to you content, Google will not rank you in the top 5. Backlinks are like votes for your content. Keep in mind that not all backlinks are equal. Spammy backlinks can get your content penalized. You could be on the first page of Google and then go out and get some spammy links and you might vanish from the SERPs.


There are still good, high quality backlinks to be found out there. Sites like Squidoo, Ezine Articles and Tumblr are still good place to get links from.


Tip 6


Make a video for each post you write.


If you make a video for your posts and get it on Youtube, you will get a video ranked higher and faster. People love videos. Google loves Youtube. That’s why they bought them.


You video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood type production. You could write a 2-3 minute script about you and your article of the day. Basically, you would be announcing the fact that you wrote a post for your blog and you are inviting everyone to go read it.


If your post is written around a keyword, the be sure to optimize your video for that keyword. Put the keyword in you title. Put a link to your blog as the first thing in the description. Then use your keyword in the rest of the description. Also, add your keyword to the Tags.


Tip 7


Always gather your visitor’s email addresses.


This is how you will stay in contact with your visitors in the future. You will be able to continue to build a relationship with them. You will be able to market to them and try to sell them products and services along the way. The money is in the pockets of the people on your list.


build an email list



You should have a pop up ad with an opt in form on it. Place an opt in form on every page on your blog. Make sure that it is highlighted enough to attract attention. Have a “call to action” to fill out the form. Give away a gift to help to get your visitors to fill out the form.


This may be the most profitable thing you do with your blog. A list of email address will be your greatest asset.


Those are a few tips to help you to doing SEO for your blog and for you business.



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