How do I start a blog?

How to start a blog


how do i start a blog


How do I start a blog? A better question might be, why would you want to start a blog? I’ve been blogging for many years, so I am being facetious. I do believe that every network marketer should have their own blog. You need a place to call your own. A place where you can “brand” yourself. Branding in this case is a having a place to put your face on it. A place where people can see you are a real person and that you have real information to share with the network marketing community.


You blog will be a place where people can get to know you. They can interact with you and most importantly, learn from you. You can always use your blog to build a list and increase the number of leads you are getting. That’s a really good reason to have a blog!


Have you ever read someone’s blog and thought, wow, this is someone that I’d like to work with? Believe me, that happens a lot! It can happen for you, as well.


How do I start a blog – Step 1


The 1st step is to choose whether you want a free blogging platform or do you want to pay for it? Every one wants it for free, right? Actually, no. Most network marketers, that I know, are paying for their blog.


Why would anyone choose to pay for a blog? Because, in theory, they own that blog. If you choose a free blogging platform, like Blogger or WordPress.com, they would “own” your blog. You are on their servers and they would have a say as to whether you get to continue blogging or whether they would shut you down. I’ve never heard of any, legitimate, blogger having their Blogger or WordPress.com blog shut down. Then again, I don’t get out much.


start your own blog now


I chose to go with a WordPress.org blog. With a WordPress.org blog, you get everything that is great about having a WordPress blog, but you get to put it on a server of your choice.


I said “in theory” you own your blog, because if you don’t pay your domain renewal fees and your hosting fees, you’ll find out who really owns your blog.


How do I start a blog – Step 2


The next thing that you must do is to pick out a domain name for your blog. Obviously, I chose to use my own name for my domain name. In my opinion, this helps in the process of “branding” you, or in this case, me. There are a few network marketers who have been able to “brand” themselves without using their name in the domain names. Eric Worre is using Network Marketing Pro, and most everyone knows who he is.


how do i start a blog for my network marketing business


There are many registrars out that you can use. I started on Go Daddy, so that’s the main one that I am using.


How do I start a blog – Step 3


Then, you’ll need to find a hosting company. The hosting company gives you the space on their servers to put your blog.


My hosting company is Hostgator. Their software is very easy to use. However, if you do have a problem, I find the people at Hostgator to be very easy to work with and they are always available to help you with anything that you might need.


How do I start a blog – Step 4


The last step is to install your WordPress blog onto your hosting company’s servers. Once you do that you can set up your blog however you want it to look and you are ready to start adding content!


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