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As far as I am concerned, the number one reason people quit their network marketing company is the fact that the don’t make any money or they are actually losing money. It is really difficult to stay in business when you are losing money!


The best way to offset your initial costs of running your business is to grow your business. If you are able to sell your company’s products or if you are able to recruit new people into your business, you will be compensated for those activities.


When you are first starting out, in your business, you probably have no idea what to do or how to do it. Maybe you’ll you’ll get lucky and find a friend or relative who will buy something from you. Maybe not. Recruiting new people into your business? Forget it. Unless you are a natural. It takes time to learn the skills that as necessary to run a business.



product review to support your network marketing business



How are you going to survive, financially, until you learn these skills?


One way is to become an affiliate for other marketers. There are some people who create tools, like lead generation tools, search engine optimization tools or “how to” ebooks. They want to sell as many of them as they can. What’s the solution to that problem? Most people who create these types of products are willing to let you sell the tools for them. They are willing to pay you to do this.


They may be willing to pay you 50% of the money that you generate. Some marketers are willing to pay you all the money that you generate. You just need to figure out what to sell.


This is a great way to generate some extra money while you are learning how to run and grow your business.



you need to learn skills so write a product review



The first thing you need to do is to pick out a product to review. The second thing you need to do is to actually buy the product and start using it. NEVER try to sell a product that you haven’t used first. You need to know that it is worth the money that you spent on it and that it does what it says it will do. If you try sell something that you haven’t used, you could be recommending something that doesn’t work.


Once the buyer figures out that the product or ebook isn’t worth the money, they are going to be mad at the product creator, first. They are also going to be mad at the person who recommended and sold the product to them.


If you buy something that doesn’t work or isn’t worth the money, just return it and ask for your money back. You should, at least, get your monies worth from it!


Your reputation is everything!


Your product review should tell your audience about your experience with the product or ebook.



write a product review about an ebook



Specifically, you should include the following in your product review.


You should answer the question, what exactly is the product? Is it a piece of software, an ebook or maybe a plugin for Wordpess? Describe it in detail. It might go something like this.


This is a 34 page ebook. It’s all meat and no filler. In it you will learn where to get 42 high PR, dofollow backlinks for your website.


Next, tell who the product is made for. It could be made for content marketers, article marketers or video marketers. Or maybe it’s for all of the above. It might go like this.


Whether you area a blogger or a video marketer, you’ll love what these backlinks will do for you! Higher Google ranks will increase your traffic and you know that “traffic is king!”



maybe a product review about getting backlinks



Then you need to tell the good, the bad and the ugly. What do you think about how the product performs its job? If it is an ebook, you can say that it was well written and easy to understand. If it is a piece of software, you can tell your audience that it did what it was supposed to do or maybe it didn’t. Again, describe your experiences in great detail.


The ebook wasn’t very well written. It was difficult to understand, at times. I was able to get 36 of the backlinks that were suggested. Most of the links were PR 2s or PR 3s, although I was able to get a PR 5.


Remember that you are still recommending the product, even though it might have its downsides. Your audience will appreciate your honesty!



honesty is the best policy in a product review



If you area able to offer any kind of bonus for purchasing the product, include this in your product review. Maybe you have written your own ebook and you are willing to give it away, if the person is willing to purchase the affiliate product. You could write:


If you are one of the first 50 people to buy the high PR dofollow backlink ebook through my link, I will include, at no cost to you, my ebook “How to get 3 .edu links, for free.”


If you don’t have anything to give as a bonus, don’t worry too much about it. You are writing the product review for your audience. They like you and will trust your recommendations!


Finally, you should include a strong “call to action.” At the end of your product review, you will need to tell your audience what to do next.


This is book is great. I recommend that anyone, who wants higher rankings in the search engines, buy it now. Just click the link below.



selling things with a product review in a win-win situation



Writing a product review doesn’t have to be difficult. It can even be done using the formula above. Just be honest and tell everyone what you really think of the products you review.


Everyone wins in this situation. The product creator sells more products. You win twice. You make money and you also get a product that you can put to good use. The people who buy the product from you also get a good product that they can use.


Selling things with a product review can keep you in business!



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