It’s my baby


It was a hot and humid August night. It was 3 AM and the house was quiet. Everyone was asleep. The silence was broken by, “Do you want to drive me to the hospital?”


3AM and its time to go


That was over 20 years ago. We were expecting our first child. We had some problems in the first trimester. The doctor did an ultrasound to make sure everything was going well. I do have to mention Dr. Thompson. I’m not really a big fan of doctors. I usually find them to be rude, arrogant and educated beyond their intelligence. I do have to say that our OB was great. Their regular ultrasound person was out of the office, at the time. Dr. Thompson said that he could ask us to come back the next day to have the ultrasound, but he felt that we shouldn’t be asked to wait that long for the answers we so desperately needed. He said that he hadn’t done an ultrasound since his residency, but he would do it for us, this time. You’d never know that he wasn’t a professional. I do have to say that he is one doctor that I have a lot of respect for!


Everything was fine. It was a false alarm. That’s when we found out the baby was a boy.


It was 7 months later, he was born at 7:02 AM. He weighed 7 pounds and 7 ounces. Of course he was a beautiful baby!


I remember the first time I held him. I was slouched in a chair, dead tired and had my feet up on the frame of the hospital bed. All 3 of us were totally exhausted. I put him on my chest and he laid there, quietly. He fell asleep on me and that bond will never be broken!


The next day we got him dressed and took him home.


We had the crib, the obligatory musical mobile with Disney characters on it and diapers galore. We had the bath tub, fuzzy toys and Onesies out the ying-yang. If a baby could possibly need it, we had it … in spades! We had 2 different kinds of strollers and a detachable car seat/carrier. It was amazing how much money we were willing to invest in him. Spoiled? Yeah, I’ll admit to that!


All that’s great, huh?


Is there a tie in to running a business?


Starting a business is a lot like having a baby. I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of people actually refer to their business as “their baby.” Basically, you start a business and that’s like giving birth to the business.


is your network marketing business your baby


The business is brand new and it can’t take care of itself. You buy lots of things to help the business grow. You nurture it and take care of it. As it grows, it has moments like learning to walk. It stumbles and falls, but it learns to walk. It has problems along the way. You have to solve them. There are always the growing pains. As your business gets established, you’re able to let it go. After a while, it can run itself and you have a little bit of freedom.


Wow! That sounds just like raising a child.


People who start a business expect too much from it in too short of a time. They expect it to go from 0 to 18 years old in no time. The problem is that they don’t want to invest in their business. They don’t want to give it time to grow or put any money into it.


Can you imagine what would happen if that same business person was to treat their real live baby like they treat their business? A parent doesn’t get to quit. They wouldn’t think of leaving their child to their own devices.


invest in your business


You should think of your business like it is a baby! Your baby. You need to invest both your money and your time into your business.


When you don’t know what to with a baby, you don’t just forget it, you seek out advice from your own parents or other parents. You might read a book or ask your doctor. You want to learn how to take of your baby. You’ll find a way to do that or die trying.


For some reason businesses seem to be disposable. If at first you don’t succeed, quit! Too many, would-be entrepreneurs, are willing to give up instead of investing in their own education and seeking advice from others.


Success takes time. You wouldn’t expect a baby to take care of themselves in 90 days, would you? A business is no different!


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