5 things you need to do to be successful



Do these 5 things to be a success in your business!


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These 5 things apply to anyone and to any business. There’s nothing overly special about any one business. I often say, “Business is business.” There are a few core elements that all businesses have in common. That’s not to say that if you can run one type of business that you can run any type of business. There is always specialized knowledge that pertains to most businesses.


Here is my list of 5 things that you should do or not do in order to be successful in business.


Don’t make excuses


Excuses are used to excuse yourself from doing something that you know that you need to be doing. The thing that you should be doing can be anything. You might have people to call or deals to close. You might need to write sales copy or a blog post. If you don’t want to get it done, for any reason, you’ll need to find an excuse for why it’s not getting done.


You might tell yourself that you’re not good at writing sales copy or you just don’t feel like writing a blog post today. You might tell yourself that you don’t have the time to meet new people or make those phone calls.


Stop making excuses and start finding solutions to the problems that you run into. If you’re too tired to write a blog post, take a power nap. If you don’t have the money to pay for running your ads this month, sell something that you own to get the money.


There is always a solution to every problem! You might have to think creatively.

Be patient


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It usually takes longer to build something of value than you think it will take. It does take time to build a business. If you started a business, and you thought that you could be a millionaire in a few months, realize that it may take you a long time to achieve that. Did you know that 49% of working Americans earn $30,000 or less, per year? If you are able to be patient while building your business, you’ll avoid a lot of the frustrations that business people run into.

Set reachable goals


The gurus, the people who have achieved success, turn around and tell you that you can do it too. They give you their business plan and tell you to follow it, to the letter and you too will be as successful as they are. Most people want the kinds of lives that the gurus portray. Most people will end up comparing themselves to their favorite guru and see that they aren’t as successful as the guru is and quit.


Set a goal that is so small that you know that you can achieve it. Once you achieve that goal, set another goal. This goal should be to double what you just did. Maybe your goal was to talk to 1 person this week. Once you achieve it, set a goal to talk to 2 people, the next week.


Goals don’t need to be huge in order to achieve greatness, they just need to keep you moving forward!

Wake up early


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When a business owner first starts their business, they often have a regular job, too. You have to pay the bills, right? Finding time to run the business can be challenging. I would suggest that you wake up an hour earlier than normal. This will give you another 60 minutes of virtually uninterrupted time to work on your business. You don’t have to do this every day. You can wake up early 2 or 3 times per week. That’s not going to kill you.


I have found that my mind is clearer and I am not distracted in these early hours. I am very relaxed and focused. Once my day really gets started, all bets are off. I usually have 100 things running around in my mind, during the day. Why not take advantage of the calm before the storm.

Get smart


You might read a book about your particular business or subscribe to a podcast about it. There are any number of different ways to expand your knowledge, on any subject that is usable in your business. You will need to learn that specialized knowledge that you need to be successful.


Those are the 5 core things that every business owner needs to be doing, in order to find the success that they want!


Please share this article with your downline! It might help them!


Please share this article with your downline! It might help them!


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