Are there any benefits of working from home?



What are the benefits of working from home?



benefits of working from home



It seems that working at home is a dream that many of us have. The 9 to 5 lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not really 9 to 5 for starters. If you are lucky to have a 30 minute commute to work and back, it’s probably more like 8 to 5:30. If you have a longer commute, I certainly don’t envy you.



If you work outside the home, you probably get to work, in that cubicle, and start to daydream about what it would be like to be able to stay home and do your work there.



Fancy dream sequence …



You could sleep in, late. You would roll out of bed at 10 AM and finally feel refreshed!



You could take a nice long, hot shower to help you wake up. Your 2 minute commute starts as you walk down the stairs to your kitchen. Then you cook up a good healthy breakfast. No more doughnuts and coffee for you.



one of the benefits of working from home is a good breakfast



It’s now 11 AM and it’s time to start working. Wait. The phone rings and it’s a salesperson. Thank goodness you were able to talk your way out of having to buy anything from them!



You get to your desk, power up your computer and you actually start working. Maybe you get an hour’s worth of work done before the doorbell rings. It’s your neighbor. Oh boy. They are baking a cake and need to borrow a cup of sugar. Wow, that’s so cliché!  Back to your computer!



Now that you’ve gotten that paper typed up, you’ll need to print it. Great, the printer is out of ink. Working at home sure is fun. You head down the the store to get some ink. It’s 45 minutes later and you get home and change the cartridges. Finally, you get to print out the paper and that’s done, finally.



even when you run out of ink there are benefits of working from home!



Your boss stops by your cubicle to give you more work and you are snapped back into reality. Maybe the benefits of working from home are not worth it??



You start to think that it’s not so bad to commute for 30 minutes to get to the office. The 8 hours that you work for the company is not so bad. You are getting paid a decent wage. Then another 30 minutes of rush hour traffic to get home. It’s not too bad, right?



Are there any benefits of working from home?



I’ve been lucky to be able to do both, work from home and I had a real job at one time. I’ve seen it from both sides of the fence.



Personally, I think that there are a lot of benefits of working from home!



Here are just a few of the benefits that mean the most to me.



waking up early to get the day started



I’ve become an early riser. Most days I wake up before the alarm goes off. The sun comes up and I’m ready to start my day. I can get more work done, since I wake up early.



I still enjoy and nice hot shower and a good breakfast, but it is 7:30 AM and not 11 AM like the daydream above.



I get to wake up my 12 year old for school. He doesn’t like that, but I’m glad that I get to see him before he leaves for school. I’m even there for him when he leaves for the bus.



I like the fact that he can think about me during the day and he knows where I am and what I am doing. I believe that there is something comforting, for him, about that!



Then there’s a double edged sword. If you are a self starter, you can get to work without anyone telling what to do. If you are used to having someone direct you as you work, then it can be tough. This is probably the most difficult thing about working at home. You have to know what to do … next!



The biggest benefit of working from home, to me, is I don’t have to face rush hour traffic! Occasionally, I do have to hit the road during one of the rush hours. Wow, this is crazy! I just look around at the other drivers and wonder how they can put up with it day after day. The bumper to bumper, stop and go stuff drives me nuts. It’s probably worse for me, since I’m not used to driving like that, anymore.



not having to drive in rush is a great benefit of working from home



I usually plan my day so I can be home when my son arrives home from school. That’s the best. Just to be there when he gets home!



There are the distractions that need to be worked through. People still come to the front door and call on the phone. At least there aren’t any office politics to work through!



Of course with no office politics there comes the fact that you will be alone, most of the time.



Are there any benefits of working from home? Yes, there are many. There is a downside to it. To me, there is nothing better than working out of my home.



I hope that you agree with me and that you get to realize the dream and the benefits of working from home!



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