My best business advice


The 5 things every businessperson needs to be able to do to be successful




my best business advice



I’ve been in business for nearly 30 years and if you count the early days of network marketing, it’s over 30 years. I might be fit to give out business advice, but who knows.



My 18 year old son, who is having problems sticking to a job, came to me a week ago or so and ask me about how to start a business. That was flattering! He knows a few other parents of his friends who are self employed, I kind of thought he’d talk to them about it. It’s rare to find a kid who will take advice at all, especially from a parent.



I think he will do well in business. He’s definitely a people person. He’s fairly self confident and a born leader. I’d like to think that he learned that from me, but that may be my own vanity.



I can remember when he was in school and he’d go to a store and buy a 10 pack of whatever and turn around and sell it for twice what he paid for it, to his schoolmates. A real wheeler dealer there.



When he approached me about starting his own business, I told him that there are 5 things that he needs to learn and do in order to be successful, long term.



learn copywriting



I told him to learn how to write good copy. I believe that it all starts with the words we use. The second thing is to learn how to do proper advertising. The third thing is to learn how to market his business. He needs to learn how to talk to people. Then he needs to learn how to sell his service or product, face to face.



I’m not here to teach you how to do any of these things. It could take years to learn all of them.



The good thing for my son is that he’s only 18 years old. He has plenty of time.



Whether you are talking to someone on the phone, face to face or in some sort of print medium, you need to use the kinds of words that motivate people to take action. This is the purpose of learning how to write good copy for both your advertising and you marketing.



To me, advertising is what you do to get people to contact you. Marketing is how you keep in touch with people who are not yet your clients. Clients are people who are paying you money.



know how to advertise and do markteting



Now you might put out an ad in a newspaper, someone may contact you and become your client right away. Others will need more time to “think” about it. More than likely they are doing their comparison shopping. Who offers the best service and who has the cheapest price.



Marketing is used to stay in touch with those who are not yet your clients. You want to stay in their minds, for the future. They may not have decided to use anyone’s services or bought anyone’s product. Or they may have chosen someone else to do business with and now they want a change. You need to be the person that they think of when they decide to do business with someone or use someone else.



You might want to outsource most of these types of tasks, but would I suggest having at least a working knowledge of how copy writing, advertising and marketing work together to get you new clients. This will help you chose the right person to outsource to. This will save you a lot of time, money and frustration.



That takes care of the first three things that I told him to learn and know how to do.



The next thing is probably the most important thing that he’ll need to be able to do.



Talk to people.



learn how to talk to people to build rapport



I’m not talking about regular chit chat. Although being able to do that can be somewhat effective. I’m talking about being able to make a real connection with new people. This is sometimes called “building a relationship” or “building rapport.” When you talk to someone you need to be able to ask the right kinds of question to learn about them and what is important to them.



It helps to know a lot about a lot of different things. Or at least a little bit about a lot of different things. If you only know a little bit, then you will need to have a curious nature or be able to fake that!



This is where a good or even a decent education would come in handy. You can improve your knowledge by reading books, magazines and newspapers. You can even learn a lot from watching educational TV like the Discovery Channel, the Science Channel and even the Food Network.



you can even watch television to expand your knowledge



The last thing that he’ll need to learn is how to sell, face to face. Most businesses have their best results from meeting face to face with their would be clients. This is where you build the rapport with them and then lead them into a buying decision. It is much easier for someone to buy from someone who they feel they have a bond with. It is also much easier for you to “close a sale” with a prospect who you have that kind of rapport with.



This is what I told my son about building a successful business, but I could give this same advice to anyone who is thinking about starting any kind of business. All of this will apply to most, if not all types of businesses.



If you feel that you are lacking in any of these phases of business, you should take to the time to learn how to do what ever it is. If you are not good at marketing, then take a marketing course or read a book about it. This goes for all of the different phases.



what is your weak link



If you think that you are good at all of these and you are not having the success that you think you should be having, then I’d suggest looking at where you “lose” most people. If your advertising brings in the calls, but you don’t end up with many prospects or clients then you need to work on marketing and sales.



You need to figure out where the weak links are in the process and work on them!



You can be a success in any business venture, if you learn how to conduct your self and business in each of these areas.



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