A couple of my favorite referral ideas

My favorite referral ideas!


If you do it right, you could create a self sustaining, chain reaction of referrals for your business.  It’s true what they say, word of mouth advertising is the best … and it’s free!


my best referral ideas



Of all the referral ideas out there this is the one I consider the best.


You’ve lined up a meeting with one of your prospects. They meet you at your home meeting and they see your company’s business presentation. You ask them what did thy like about it. After they give you their answer, you ask them if they have any questions. You give them the answers and you are ready to try to close the deal.


You say, “ How soon would you like to get started?”


They give you this answer. “I’m just not ready to start a new project but, maybe in the future.”


At least they didn’t say no! What now? Is all lost? Absolutely not. This is your chance to get a referral from them.


You ask them, “If you were to get started now, who would you think might be interested in starting a new business?”


Hand them a piece of paper and ask them to jot down the names and numbers of the first 10 people who come to mind. When they finish and hand it to you, ask who each one is. Make sure you write down who all of these people are. Whether it is their sister or co-worker, you need this information to make this work.


When you finish finding out who all these people are you look them right in the eye and ask, “Since you’re not ready to get started, is it okay if I call these people?”



eyes as big as saucers


Their eyes will probably get as big as saucers. You’re taking something away from them. Most people don’t like that and will step in to keep what they have. They are faced with a very big decision.


There are actually four things that can happen here. Three of them are good for you. First, they could just give you their permission to call them. Or they could reconsider joining with you in your business. They could change their minds and sign up with you on the spot. They could just say no. They don’t feel comfortable with you calling them. If they say this, you could be out of luck. They probably won’t join your business and you won’t get the referrals.


The fourth thing that could happen is that they say that they want to save them to call when they are ready to join. Don’t take that as an answer! Ask them if you both can call these people and talk to them about the business. Tell them that if any of them would like to join that they both could join and your prospect would be the recruiter of the referral.


This is the best of both worlds. You get a 2 deep organization started and you are training both people at the same time.


If they give you their permission to call them, you have 10 referrals. You do the same things with these 10 prospects. Now, you do have to start the relationship process with these people. You can not just say that you were given permission to call them about a business idea. You have two choices. You can ask them if you could call them again another time and build a relationship like that or you could get to know them a bit and then tell them that the point of the call is to see if they would be interested in a new business idea.


If any of these people want more information you can invite them to see the business presentation. If they aren’t interested, you ask them if they know anyone else who might be interested in starting their own business.


That’s the chain reaction. It could go on forever.


The second referral idea is when you are selling your company’s products. If someone buys on the autoship program you can send them a thank you card with a Starbuck’s gift card in it, in an appropriate amount.


Hot Latte


I have cards that say “Thanks a Latte.” Add a quick note to say thanks. When they call you to say they appreciate the gesture you can ask them if they know anyone else who might be interested in purchasing your products.


Of course you ask them to make a list of the first 10 people who come to mind. Repeat the process as above.


You can ask them if they would like to sell these products to their friends or would they like you to do it. They could join your business as well.


The “take away” strategy, the fear of loss, is very powerful. No one like to feel that they are losing something. Even if they never really had it in the first place. Don’t be afraid to use this strategy!


Those are a couple of my favorite referral ideas. I hope you like them and put them to good use!


 What are your best referral ideas?



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