Decrease distractions – Increase productivity


Increasing your productivity

increase your productivity


Decreasing the things that will distract you will automatically increase your productivity.


We live in a loud and fast world. It’s full of interesting things to do. All of those things can lead us astray. We have TV, Netflix, video games, smartphones and the internet. Oh, the internet. What a wonderful tool and such a huge distraction! You have Facebook, Youtube, email, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Those are just the tip of the iceberg!


If you’re not careful you can get lost in all of the fun and interesting information that’s out there. If you’re not careful, the next thing you know, you look up and 4 hours are gone.


If you want to make sure that you don’t get distracted from what you need to do, in your business, you’ll need to shut those distractions down. Yes, turn them off! Turn off the smartphone. Close up all the social media tabs, in your browser. Take a deep breath and get to work.


If you’re working on a particular social media site, you’ll need to have that one site open. You won’t need anything else open.


If you are working offline, then you should shut down your computer and focus on what you have to do.


The object is to block out the rest of the world while you are trying to do your work! If you can do that, you stand a better chance of getting more things done and doing them better.


I’d like to offer you a tip on how to really increase your productivity.


productivity tip


First, you’ll need to write down everything that you need to get done. This may include creating content, making phone calls, showing a business presentation or prospecting. Then divide these tasks into two categories. The first being money producing activities and the other will be non-money producing activities. Usually, the money producing activities take precedence. Those are the activities that you should start with.


Next, rank each activity according to its priority. You’ll want to do the most important things first. Do this for both lists. Next, you’ll need to write down how long each activity should take you to complete. There may be some activities that you aren’t able to tell how long they will take. An example of this would be making follow-up phone calls. A call may take 5 minutes or it could take an hour. Do the best you can with those tasks. Maybe block off a certain amount of time to do that task. Make as many phone calls as you can in an hour.


If the task is creating content, you can probably do that in 30 minutes or less.


Here’s the tip: Get a timer and set it for 30 minutes. You should block out all distractions and make sure that you finish creating that piece of content in 30 minutes or less.


This will give you a task, a goal and a time limit. Those are all the things you’ll need to finish what you need to be doing. This should also keep you on task and moving forward.


Once you get used to working with a time limit, I think you will be amazed by how much more you are able to get done each day!



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