What’s the difference?

do you have the right mindset?


A few posts ago I asked the question, what makes a person an employee and what makes someone a business owner?  Is it possible to turn an employee into a business owner?  If it is possible, then how do you do that?


Most people who get involved in business are employees or former employees.  I was an employee for a few years before I started my own business.  What was it that made me change?  Or was there a sleeping self employed person inside, all the time?


For me, I think, it was in there along.  My “business nature” was finally allowed to come to the surface.  But for most MLMers the employee mentality reigns supreme.


What’s the difference between the employee mindset and the business owner mindset?


For employees it’s an attitude of, “Don’t ask me, I only work here.”  They are, quite literally, trading hours for money.  They answer to everyone.  They need directions and guidance to get things done.  They need someone to look over their shoulder to make sure things are proceeding as planned.  When the task is finished a superior needs to double check things.  An employee will then sit and wait for the next task to be given them.  They take little to no responsibility for much of anything, especially if something is done wrong.  They are just waiting to take their next sick day off or they can hardly wait for their next paid week of vacation.  They are always asking for a pay raise, even though they give no more value to the business than they did before.  Most employees don’t really care about the success or failure of their employer’s business.  Except that, if it fails they will be out of a job.


Now, I’m not saying that all employees are this way but I have seen this type many, many times.


With that said, there are many employees who are not like this at all.


They really care about the success of a business.  They realize that the better the business does, the more likely it is that they will get that pay raise.


They can start new projects without being told to.  They take pride in the work they do.  They actually want things to be done right and will take the time to do just that.  They need very little supervision and when the job is done, the business owner knows it is done they way they wanted it done.  They are still trading their time for money but they take very little time off and take their vacations when it best suits the employer.


These are the types of employees that everyone in network marketing should be looking for.  These people are the ones who have the sleeping business owner inside them just waiting to get out.  They will be successful!  They have the mindset of a business owner, they just don’t realize it.


To me, the two most important qualities someone can have, when it comes to owning a business, are being a self starter and being accountable to one’s self.


A self starter is someone who knows what needs to be done and doesn’t need anyone to tell them to do it.  Self accountability is not needing to answer to anyone because you know how to get things done and do them correctly.


When trying to recruit for your business you need to find out what type of employee your prospects are.  Design your questions around this information.  You can ask things like “When you finish a project what do you do next?”  If they answer that they wait for their next assignment, you should think twice about recruiting them.  If they say that they look for else needs to be done, you may have a winner.



are you a self starter?


I read a story about year ago or so.  It was about a man who was tasked with training people to be managers for their companies.  The story went on to say that he could tell who was going to be a good manager and who wouldn’t.  What he did was to place a lot of things at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the conference room where the training was to be conducted.  Things like cases of water bottles, books, notebooks and even a coffee maker.  He gather everyone at the bottom of the stairs and told them about the training they would receive and then he reached down and picked up a case of water with several of the books on top.  He then took them upstairs and ask everyone to follow him.  When he got the the conference room he turned and watch the group file in behind him.  If he saw someone carrying the items that were at the bottom of the stairs, he knew he had someone who was a self starter and would be a good manager.  Those who walked past the stuff he knew would not be good.


Now you can target current or former business owners and not worry too much about employees.  Business owners already know what it takes to run a successful business.  They realize that there is delayed gratification in business.  But if you are targeting people who are employees and there are a lot more of them, then try to narrow your focus to those employees have the business nature.


They are out there, you just need to commit to not recruiting anyone but those that have the qualities that will make it easier to find the success that they want and that you need.



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