I’m disillusioned


Network marketing is for friends


network marketing is for friends


I’ve always heard that network marketing is so great. You get to choose who you work with. You get to recruit people that you really want to work with. You get to make friends and develop new friendships along the way. This business is supposed to be fun!


Maybe I’m being too cynical.


I’ve been in out of network marketing for many many years. I’ve reached the top level of one of them and in all that time I’ve only made one lasting friendship. I wouldn’t have met my friend any other way other than being in the same company at the same time.


He was actually one of my sidelines. We were recruited by the same person so we never made any money off of anything that each other did in the company.


Maybe network marketing is different than any other business and maybe one can make good and long lasting friendships because of the business. I don’t know.


However, I have two stories from my traditional business and an observation.


Story #1:


I had owned my home cleaning business for about 10 years before I decided that I needed to mass advertise the service. I had been putting flyers out on the door’s of homes for those 10 years and I had done fairly well. I realized that I couldn’t put out enough flyers on doors to build the business as big as I wanted it. I called the local Money Mailer. The ad guy came over and we struck a deal that would last 12 years. I got to know this ad guy fairly well and for some reason I thought that he was a friend.


In 2007/2008 when the housing bubble burst, I decided to stop advertising. People were holding on to their money and I found out how low on the totem pole home cleaning real was. To spend money on ads, at that point, would’ve been a total waste of money.


The funny thing is that once I stopped running ads in the Money Mailer and he wasn’t making any money off of me, I stopped hearing from him. I found out that I was nothing but a cash cow to this person. I obviously wasn’t a friend to him, he was just playing the part of a friend while he was getting paid. Hmm, that’s an interesting scenario.


cash cow


Story #2:


I met a guy right after I start the cleaning business. We had a mutual “friend.” We would run into each other and chat over the next year or so. Finally, he decided to hire my cleaning service. Either I would clean his homes, he moved several times over the years, or someone in my company would clean for him over the next 30 years. I even started cleaning his company’s office.


This past week, I sent him a text to let him know that we were going to come out and clean his home the next day. He sent a text back and said that he had hired someone who was cheaper.


It wasn’t that I was losing the money that got me mad. It was the fact that he had waited until the night before the cleaning to let me know.


It was all quite unceremonious. This is someone who I thought was a friend. It would be like if I had sent a text to him, the night before and said, “We’re not cleaning for you anymore because I took a job that is paying me more.”


After all is said and done, I was making about $20.00 off of cleaning his home. Trust me, it’s not the money. I actually don’t mind that he quit. I take on a lot of liability when I have someone else clean his home. It’s really not worth the risk for a lousy $20.00. I did it because I thought we were friends.


Maybe I was wrong?


Is network marketing any different? Are these great friendships, in this business, about being friends or is it because someone is making money off of someone else?


Am I being way too cynical?


Okay, then riddle me this, Batman. How many people have you maintained a friendship that you were making money off of and then they quit the business? Do you have many friends like that?


Or did you walk away because you weren’t making money off of them anymore?


Someone must have some stories about friendships that they’ve kept over the years whether or not they were in network marketing and making money off of them. Please tell me and restore my faith in humanity! Thank you!



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