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Building a business is never easy



business building



I had the opportunity to talk to a distributor today. She was very discouraged by her lack of advancement in her business. She has gotten a few customers. She generates a check each month, but it is small-ish. I think she is doing really well, so far.



I got to hear the usual, “I can’t find any one to sponsor” and “None of my friends will support me by buying the products.”



I’ve been there and done that, right? Who hasn’t?



Building any kind of business is an uphill battle. Which is why most businesses fail. It is also why 98% of network marketers fail. It’s hard, plain and simple.



Everyone’s definition of success is different. Now maybe you don’t really need to reach the top level in your company’s compensation plan to be successful. Maybe making $500.00 per month is successful, for you. It really doesn’t matter what your particular definition is. Achieving success is what matters. How do we do that?



I’ve watched over 100 videos of people who are going on stage for the first time to accept a promotion in their business. It is usually people who have reached the top few levels of the comp plan. What is it that made these people successful?



There seems to be one thread that they all have in common. They had a plan of action and the implemented it. Daily! I really wish it were more profound than that. If it was something that was earth shattering, then, I think, more people would take it seriously.



common thread



One video stands out to me. It was Rachel Jackson’s first time on the stage. I can’t remember whether she reached the top level or not. Guess it doesn’t matter.



She started out by saying that everyone wants to know how she did it. She said it was easy. She said, “I am willing to hear ‘No’ more times in a week than most people hear ‘No” in a year.”



That’s a very powerful statement. If there is a real secret to making network marketing work, that is it!



What if you decided that no matter what anyone were to say to you, no matter how mean people were to you no matter what … you made a vow to talk to everyone that you ran into about your business?



You made the vow to do this for 5 years.



What would happen?



How many people do you talk to each day, on average? Do you talk to 5 people, 10, 20? Let’s just say that you talk to 5 different people, everyday, and you do this for 5 years.



stealth prospecting



This assumes that you know what to say to them. If you don’t know what to say to them, you can read my article called “Stealth Prospecting.” That should help and make it so you don’t get a lot of people mad at you along the way.



If you were to talk to just 5 people everyday, 5 days per week, for 5 years, you would have talked to 6,500 people … about your business.



Can you believe that? I knew it would be a lot, but I had no idea that it would be that many people.



Are you willing to make that kind of commitment? Talking to 5 people a day might seem like a lot. Do you want to be successful or not? It still seems like most people would be unwilling to do that much work for their businesses. How about …



talk to people about your business



Can you talk to 2 people per day?



That must seem like a breeze compared to 5 people per day. That would still be 2,600 people over the course of 5 years. Do you think you could build a business if you talked to that many people? Even if you only recruited 1%. That would give you a front line team of 26 people.



What if you sponsored 2%? Or 5%?



I’m not sure that there is a real secret to building a successful network marketing business, but if there is one it would have to be, “I got more ‘Nos’ is a week than most people get in a year.” To paraphrase RJ.



Make the commitment to at least do that much work on your business.



Bite the bullet. You know you want this!



If it was easy, then everyone would do it!



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