A different way to use Fiverr.com


I love fiverr.com






Fiverr.com is a great place to do some of your outsourcing. You can hardly beat the price. It is absolutely amazing what some people are willing to do for $5.00!



You can find someone to write a blog post for you. You can get someone to sing a jingle for your business. Some people will do video or audio editing for you. There are some bald guys who are willing to paint your logo on their head and take a picture of it. It’s crazy all the things that you can get done for a measly $5.00!



I have another way to use fiverr.com.



If you are like me, you’ve found your way onto a bunch of network marketer’s or internet marketer’s email lists. They will send you emails about all sorts of stuff. In my experience, most of what they are sending you will lead you in the direction of buying some sort of product from them.



buy a product or test it out on fiverr.com



These are the proverbial bright, shiny object that take your attention away from what you are supposed to be doing in your business.



It’s a lot like fishing. You put a lure on the end of the line and drop it into the water. The fish see it. It starts to move as you reel in your line. It is so bright and shiny. It flickers in the sunlight. It looks so very tasty! The fish lunges at it … and is hooked. Hopefully, that’s where the similarities end. I’d hate to think that their customers are landed, scaled, fileted, cooked in olive oil and served up on some internet marketer’s plate for dinner!



Enough kidding!



don't wind up on someone's plate use fiverr.com



You’ve probably thought about buying some sort of software that can perform some menial task for you. Like getting backlinks for you blog, but you’re not sure about it.



It seems like every week there is some sort of product launch. There is some marketer, out there, who wants to help you. Just send them $37.00 or maybe it is $97.00 this week. I’ve seen some products that are selling for $1,000, $2,000 or more.



I sure hope that they work and can help those people that pay that kind of money for a product that they have no idea what it really does.



How would you like to find out if that software can really help you … before you put up your hard earned money?

use fiverr.com before you spend your money



Sign me up for that, right!?



I’ll use the example of a piece of software that is designed to get backlinks for your website.



The price is set at $297.00 per year.



That’s seem fairly expensive to me. You have know idea what it does, how it does it or if it will work or not.



To be honest, you’re not sure you want to spend your money on it.



penguins are so cute!



The programmers swears that it is Penguin proof, Panda proof and waterproof. Am I just supposed to trust them? I’m sure that they are good people and all. To me, $297 per year is a large investment …



Unless it does what they say it does. Then you may be willing to drop that kind of change on them, year after year.



I dare you to ask the programmers for a test drive. They do offer the 30 day money back guarantee.



How many unhappy buyers remember to ask for their money back? I have no idea. I know that I’ve gotten busy before and forgot to return an item within the 30 days. Sheesh! I’ve gotten so busy, at times, that I’ve forgotten to return a movie to Redbox, the next day!






It happens.



Why take the chance? You can go to http://www.fiverr.com and find someone else who bought the software and has a $5.00 gig set up.



You get your test drive of the product. You get the results and you decide if you really want to buy the product or not.



try fiverr.com



You get $5.00 worth of backlinks or $5.00 worth of articles or whatever it is you want to test drive.



With none of the risk!



Just another way that fiverr.com is making the world a better place!



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