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invest in yourself


There area couple of different ways that you can invest in yourself. You can start a self improvement or self development program and you can start a business skills learning program. The one that most network marketing companies push is the self development.


For a self development program, you would most likely be buying books and CDs like, Think and Grow Rich, to improve your mental attitude and to get rid of your stinkin’ thinkin’. As a psychology major, I actually liked this part of the business. It just took a small financial investment and 20 to 30 minutes a day. I always felt like I could afford both.


Then you could work on your network marketing skills. These skills are the “how to” part of the business. To do this, you’re probably going to have to buy someone’s course. These courses probably cost anywhere from $297 to $497 or more. That kind of pricing is in the, “I need to think about that” category.”


I didn’t mind buying a $12 book or a $19 CD. That doesn’t seem so bad and besides I was told to buy the books and CDs. They were supposed to help me to do this business. Compare that to coming up with $300 for a course. I paid $300 to join my company and now I have to find another $300 to learn how to do the business? I didn’t understand that. I was told that network marketing was supposed to be easy. Why do I need to buy a course?


As a business owner, outside of the network marketing industry, I know that you usually have to make some investments into your business in order to get it to grow. I was used to spending a lot of money on advertising for that business. Somehow I was reluctant to spend the $300 to learn how to grow my network marketing business.


I would think, that when it comes to investing money into a business, that most distributors are just as reluctant as I am. It seems that most people are scraping together $300 just to sign up with their company. When it comes time to invest into their education, they just don’t feel like they have the money.


My problem with buying a network marketing course is that I am unsure if the product works or if the product will work for me. If I was convinced that they would work for me, I’d be happy to buy them.


Reasons to buy a course


making an investment in yourself may be the best idea


Think about it. If you were to invest the $300 into a course that helped you to recruit 4 people per month, how much would that be worth to you? If you invest $300 into a different course and it helped you to get 4 customers per month how much would that be worth to you and your business?


That’s what an investment is. A place were you put your money and you can have the expectation that you will get more money back, into your pocket, than the amount of money you invested.


Another thing that these types of courses can do is to speed up the learning curve. Yes, you could use the trial and error method, in order to learn how to run your business, but it could take years or you may not ever learn how to do it. If you find the right course, you could achieve the same results, only quicker. I ask you, how much is your time worth?


I’m not here to recommend any specific courses, but I would suggest that you do your own due diligence andfind a course that seems right for you, try to read a very reviews abut the course, try to find people to talk to about the course and make an investment into yourself and your skills.


For obvious reasons, I can’t make any guarantees what will happen if you happen to buy someone’s course. I am pretty sure that none of them work for you if you don’t do the work that they recommend for you do.


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