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Once again I heard the phrase, “I was willing to do what others were not willing to do.” How many times have you heard that or something similar?

I was watching a video of a woman who had achieved a high level in her network marketing company. Congratulations! The speech was the typical rah rah speech. You know, the kind that says, “if I can do this, so can you.”

After the video was over, I had to wonder exactly what is it that she was willing to do that, apparently, I’m not doing or not doing enough of.

I set out to find out exactly what these high achievers are doing. I have to admit that I was a little surprised by what I found. You might be as well. Let me preface this by saying that you may not want to make 6, 7 or 8 figures per year. Sure, we’d love to have access to that kind of money, but wait until you see what you have to do to get it. Maybe you just need to make an extra $500.00 per month. That would change most people’s lives and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I know that there a lot of people who would be interested in having a big business. They would be willing to do the work necessary to have that kind of income. It’s those people who I dedicate this article to!


Here is a list of the 8 things that they, the top earners, do every day.


Produce 1 to 2 pieces of content everyday at least 5 days per week


add value to the marketplace


With the ever growing popularity of the internet, it has become necessary to add value to the marketplace, in the form of content. Content can be anything from a blog post, a video, a podcast, an ebook or something to train people.

Some of the true rock stars in the industry or producing 1 or 2 pieces of content 7 days per week.

You could write an article for your blog and then record a video that supports and announces the article. You could also do a video and write an article that advertises a webinar training that you are doing. You could make a video that is a product demonstration and try to sell your products that way. It isn’t necessary to have completely separate and unique content.

You can produce content that only the people on your team will see. A specific training that will help your team to improve in some aspect of their business.

Always be adding value to your target market and your team!


Show your business plan 2-5 times per day


This isn’t just prospecting people. This is actually having 2-5 different people viewing your company’s business presentation. I know it sounds like a lot! It is. This doesn’t mean that you have to, personally, give the presentation. You could be bringing prospects to a hotel meeting. You could have your sponsor giving the presentation, for you. Or you could be showing a video, online.


Personal training


This is when you need to be a student of the business. Always be improving yourself, your skills and your knowledge about your business, your products and the industry of network marketing. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to help people. The more thorough the knowledge you have, the more likely you are to be seen as a leader.

You can read books, listen to podcasts or take a course. Always look to increase your value in the marketplace.







This is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. Richard Branson says that exercise is the most important factor in increasing productivity. Exercise will increase your stamina and improve your health. Anything that gets your blood moving is a good thing.

My chosen form of exercise is walking. I walk 1-2 hours per day and I love it.






Life and business can be extremely stressful. You need time to relax and decompress. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Just sit and clear your mind. Focus on your breathing. Don’t think about your problems. Don’t think about anything. Do this for 10 minutes per day. I think you will be surprised by how much it helps you. Meditation is a quick and easy way to recharge your battery!


Conduct a webinar


Conducting a webinar doesn’t have to be done daily, but it should be done at least once per week. Your webinars should be educational and not just trying to recruit people or sell your products. You company might be selling weight loss products. Your webinar could be about the health benefits of losing weight. Or how to double your weekly weight loss. Something that will help people to improve their lives.

If you are conducting a webinar for your team then it should be a training webinar. It could be about recruiting, marketing or anything that will make your team better able to run their businesses.


Daily affirmations


Everyone should have a written list of things that they tell themselves, everyday. You can read my article about affirmations here. Positive affirmations for network marketers. I would suggest that you read your affirmations, out loud, both in the morning and at night, before you go to sleep.

I have to admit that I had always thought affirmations were, well, a little goofy. I never really saw any value in them. Then I tried it for 3 months. It works. Just read them, day after day, and somewhere along the line you start to believe what you are saying to yourself. It really is amazing what happens.


Have a “to do list”


a to do list



You need to have a written list of the things that you are going to do, everyday! This gives you a way to keep track of what is finished and what you still have left to do. As you finish each item, cross them off the list. That’s a good feeling to accomplish things that you have on your to do list!

As I read about the things that the 6, 7 and 8 figure distributors are doing each day, I was shocked. How could a part time person do that much work? The answer is that they probably can’t. It’s a lot of work.

This has to seem anywhere from overwhelming to impossible. It is for me.

Maybe you are the type to want to try to do all of this right away. If you can do all of this, everyday, as a new distributor, then my hat’s off to you!

Most people will find this a little difficult, to do all of these things. Don’t worry too much. You can add to your daily “to do list” as you gain more experience and you are able to make more time for yourself and your business.

This can be done. Just look at the top earners in your company!


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