“Take massive action!” Is that the key to success?

I’m taking massive action



take massive action ... today!



There are activities that will prepare you to run a business. Then there are activities that will make you money!



It’s good to know what your destination is, but you need to take effective actions in order to get there.



It’s true that you need to have a goal or a destination, if you want to get anywhere. If you remember the Alice in Wonderland story, Alice asked the Cheshire Cat which way she should go at the fork in the road. He asked her where she wanted to go. Well, she had no idea where she was going. To that, the cat said, “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”



I hear network marketing gurus advising people to take “massive action,” if they want to be successful. On the surface that sounds like really good advice. It would stand to reason that massive action would give you massive results.



Is that true?



Let’s look at that and see if it is true or not.



If I know that I want to travel to the coast, it doesn’t matter which coast, but I am taking a vacation. I know my destination. I’m going to take massive action and see if that gets me to where I want to go.



massive action to get ready to go



I’ve decided that I want to drive to the coast. I’m taking the scenic route. I want to see the sights and enjoy my trip. The day before I leave is when I will start to take action. I’ve made an appointment with my mechanic. I want him to make the car vacation ready. He’ll change the oil, check the air pressure in the tires and he’ll make sure the air conditioning is working. If he finds anything wrong with the engine, he will fix it.



I come back that afternoon and pick up my car. It got a clean bill of health and I got the bill for the work done.



is taking massive action the best thing to do?



I need to get everything that I need for the trip. I go to the local department store. I need new some new summer clothes and suntan lotion. I want to relax on the beach when I get there, so I pick up a couple of books and a new iPod. I gotta have my “tuneage!” I fill up the tank with gasoline!




I race home. It’s getting late and I need to leave in the morning. I wash the car and vacuum it out. I pack my bags. I make sure I have my GPS in the car. I think I’m ready to go.



Wow! I’m tired. I should sleep good tonight!




i took massive and man i'm tired



I think back on the day. I sure got a lot done. I took massive action.



The only problem is that I’m not an inch closer to the coast.



All of these things that I got done during the day were necessary. I had to get everything ready to go on my trip. It wasn’t just busy work! How come I’m not at the beach?



I did exactly what the gurus told me to do. I took massive action!



None of this time spent was wasted time! It all had to get done. The actions I took were the kind of actions that lay the ground work for the trip. If I really want to get to the coast, I need to get into the car and start it up and start to drive toward my destination.



This is just like building a business. There are lots of things that you need to do to build a good foundation. All of those things are necessary to do, like having a business plan, writing down your goals and learning the skills that you will need, but there are the actions that will build your business.



build your foundation but take massive money making action too!



Those actions are talking to new people about your opportunity, getting people in front of your presentation and teaching others how to do the same things.



Taking massive action, if it is the kind of action that will make you money, is a great thing.



If all you do is to “get ready to make money,” then that’s like getting ready to take a vacation, but never leaving the driveway.




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