Why owning a business is worse than having a job


If you have a job


if you have a job


Everyone who ever thinks about starting their own business, any kind of business, dreams of firing their boss. Firing your boss? You’re quitting your job. Trust me, they’ll replace you just as quick as you leave.


Let’s face it, there’s a reason why only 10% of people own their own businesses. Owning your own business … can be worse than having a job.


Let’s take a look at how owning a business is worse then having a job.


Decisions, decisions, decisions


Being the owner of a business has a lot of responsibilities associated with it. Every decision, that has to be made, has to be made by the business owner. Not only does the owner have to make all the decisions, for the most part, there is little margin for error. They have to make a lot more good decisions than bad ones. Every bad decision could put them out of business.


If you have a job …


There is someone in management who is responsible for all of the decisions. You just have to carry them out. Your only responsibility is to work hard enough so they won’t fire you.




Having the success or failure riding on you and every decision you make is extremely stressful. Once you have employees, every decision is magnified. Everyone is counting on you to make the right decisions.


If you have a job …


The success or failure rests with someone else. You only have to worry about it, a little bit.


Are you a workaholic?


if you have a job are you better off


When you open a business, you’re looking at working 12-14 hour days. The work day may be 8-12 hours long, depending on the type of business you have, but there are more hours waiting for you “behind the scenes.”


If you have a job …


You don’t have to be a workaholic. Why not kick back, relax and enjoy the 9 to 5 lifestyle.


What’s a vacation?


If you run the business by yourself and have no one else who can take over, you’ll never get another “real” vacation. You might find time to go away for a weekend, but those days of a 7 day vacation are over. Even if you do hire someone who could run the business while you go out of town, would really trust them to do that? Would you be able to relax while someone else is in charge?


If you have a job …


You’ll get that needed 2 weeks of vacation every year. That will be so relaxing for you!


No more boss?


You’ve made the decision to fire your boss. Yippee! You don’t have a boss anymore. Or do you? Once you hire employees, you’ll need to keep them happy and working. You’ll have to “answer” to them or cover for them when they don’t show up to work. Then you will always be answering to your clients. The client is always right … even when they’re wrong. If you can’t keep the clients happy, they won’t be paying you, for very long. Basically, owning your own business puts you in “middle management.”


If you have a job …


Unless you’re in middle management, you won’t usually get caught in the middle of anything.


I’m going to be rich!


if you have a job will you ever be rich


There is a myth out there that says that all business owners are rich. I hate to break it to you, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You just need to look at the income numbers for network marketing to see that the truth is different than that myth. The truth is that 99% of network marketers are making $1,000 per month or less. Most of those are actually losing money in their businesses.


If you look at traditional businesses, you will find that 3 out of 4 new businesses won’t last 5 years. I’m not sure if it is true, but I read that the average business owner makes between $25,000 and $30,000 per year. I know that very few business owners make $100,000 or more per year. Even if you’re making $100,000, trust me, you aren’t rich! If you do own a business, at least have the opportunity to be rich.


If you have a job …


You never have to worry about being rich. They’re only going to pay you enough to make sure that you don’t quit.


Security and retirement


If you own a business, you’re only as good as the last “job” you did for someone. Any mistake could be your last. If you are good at whatever service or product that your business offers, you could have enough happy clients to build a bit of security.


if you have a job you might be able to retire


Most business owners don’t make enough money to put any aside for retirement. They will be working until the day they drop dead.


If you have a job …


You might have a pension to look forward to when you retire. Or you could have a 401k waiting for you. Just don’t out live your money and you’ll be fine!


I’m not being tongue in cheek, here. There really is a reason, lots of reasons, that most people have jobs.


There might not be a lot of job security, these days, but there is some. There are also many “benefits” to having a job versus owning a business.


On one hand, I understand why most people have jobs. Then on the other hand, I think they’re crazy!


Oh well, to each his own!


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