Who owns your life?



What’s your answer?


who owns your life


You may be thinking, “I own my life!” If you have a job, I’d have to disagree, at least for part of your life. For those who have job and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a job and having a job is a noble pursuit. We need people to have jobs or there would be a lot of things that just wouldn’t get done, otherwise.


Where Does Your Time Go?


I would say that a job takes up nearly half of your day. If you add up the time that it takes to get ready to go to your job, the time you spend commuting to get to your job, the 9 hours at your job, (because you need an hour lunch break) and the time that you spend commuting back home, you’ll see that nearly half of your day is gone. Add in the 6 to 8 hours of sleep that you get and what’s leftover for you?


Is being self employed any different?


If you happen to be self employed, you may have it worse as far as your time is concerned. Sure, you work for yourself, but like most small business owners, you probably work a 10-14 hour day. On top of that, I like to call small business owners, middle management. They probably wouldn’t like the title, but it’s the truth. They think that they only answer to themselves, but they answer to their clients and to their employees. They are kind of caught in the middle. Hence, the middle management label.


If you have a job, do you like everyone that you work with? Did you get to pick out the people that you work with or were you just thrown in the middle of everyone else who works there?


If you own your own business, you have a little more latitude. You can hire whoever you want, but you end up hiring people who are good at the job and not necessarily people that you like. Which is a good idea, because you really shouldn’t socialize with people who work for you.


it's your time and your money


Where Does Your Money Go?


If you have a job, do you get to decide how much money you make? When you first get hired, you might have a bit of a say in how much you get paid. After that, you’re on your supervisors time table. You are at their mercy. You might think that you could quit and go anywhere else and make more money. If that’s true, then why aren’t you at the other place already? Maybe you’re an invaluable member of the team. Maybe you’re irreplaceable. Or maybe there is someone waiting to take your place as soon as you get out of line.


If you own your own business, you may have a little more say in how much money you are making. Depending on the type of business, you maybe be able to go out get more customers and that gives you a raise in pay.


Where does your money go?


No matter whether you have a job or own a business, everyone has to pay any number of taxes. You have to pay income tax, sales tax, gasoline tax, property taxes, self employment tax, FICA, state and local taxes and any other kind of tax that the governments can dream up for you to pay. If you add all of these taxes together, you’re probably paying 50% of what you make in some sort of taxes.


My Conclusions


If you look at it objectively you see that half of your time and half of your money go to other people and places. It’s no wonder most people are just barely making it and feel like they never have any time for themselves and their families.


I ask you again, who owns your life?


Did you change your answer yet?


The best way to get out of this viscous circle is to generate residual income. You’ll still have to pay taxes, but at east you get some of your time back and you have a bit more control over how much money you are making!


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