I don’t want to be a salesperson




I hate to sell



I hear this a lot and I’m sure you do as well. I do have to admit that I don’t like selling either. How can you get someone to buy something that they don’t want?



slimy salesman



There in lies the problem. Most people think selling mean that you have to convince someone that they really want something that they really don’t want. That’s not what selling should be about.


We’ve all seen those slimy used car salesperson types. Nothing against used car salespeople. I meant slimy, in the nicest possible way!


Those high pressure sales tactics are really annoying. They never take no for an answer. They hound you until it is easier to buy than to have to listen to them anymore. You end up spending your hard earned money just to get rid of them. That’s not a good reason to buy anything. Yet this scenario is played out everyday.






It’s no wonder most people don’t like to sell things.


Most people don’t like to sell things?


When you stop and think about it, most people love to sell things. They just think that they hate it. How can that be?


Have you ever held a yard sale? If you have, I bet you loved getting rid of those unwanted, impractical and space taking things that you’ve had in your garage for years. You liked it when someone approached you with that disco ball and offered you $5.00 for it. You wanted $10.00. You did pay $30.00 for it. You counter with $7.50. They offer $6.50 and the disco ball is sold and off to a new home. Ah, the thrill of bartering!


Have you ever placed an ad on Craigslist? You have a treadmill that got more use as a clothes hanger than an exercise machine. You’d pay someone $50.00 just to get it out of the way but you have to nerve to try to sell it. The first person to offer $50.00 is the winner.


There are situations where we don’t mind selling, in fact, we actually kind of like it. Shhh, I won’t tell anyone!


If people approach you and tell you that they have an interest in buying something, then we like to sell.



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Could that really be all that there is to it? You and I would be willing to sell things, if people let us know that they want to buy something.


Can we use that information in our businesses? Of course we can. The best place to start is with ourselves. If we think that we don’t like to sell things, then more than likely we won’t be very successful in sales or any type of business that requires any kind of selling.


Why try to be something that we aren’t? We don’t want to be seen as the slimy, pushy salesperson. We would get rejected most of the time doing that anyway. Rejection is our biggest fear. It will paralyze most people.


Our task seems to be to come up with ways to let people know that we have something to sell. Or better yet, we need to attract the people who want to buy what we have to offer.


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If you are trying to sell the Lasik service, you could go up to everyone and ask them if they want to have Lasik surgery. Is that the easiest way? No, and you would get some rejection too. Not everyone wants to have Lasik surgery. A better Or you could only go up to people who wear glasses and ask them if they are interested in buying the service.


You could advertise on TV, the radio or in print media. This is a way to have no rejection involved, but it is a hit or miss thing. You have to get your ads in their hands when someone is thinking about having the surgery, now. If the ad gets there too early or too late, you miss the sale.


You could use direct response marketing to reach those people who are at least thinking about having the surgery, “soon.”  “Soon” could be now or it could be 6-12 months from now. You’ll need marketing material to stay in touch with them.



lasik surgery



Suppose you wrote a pamphlet titled, “The 14 questions you need to ask your eye doctor before you have Lasik surgery.” You advertise that, online or offline, or both. Who would respond to that kind of ad? Probably people who are interested in having Lasik in the near future.


Selling to people who have identified themselves as wanting what you have to offer is much easier and nearly rejection free. You’d probably like that kind of selling.


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