Is security overrated?


Is security just too comfortable for you to ignore?




Security? What’s that? Well, it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. It would seem that security means that you don’t have to worry about things. For most people, having a good paying job means security. You have enough money to pay the bills, save some money for the future and have enough money to go on vacation every summer.


Most people are satisfied with that kind of life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that kind of life. Being comfortable and being secure means a lot to most people.


Those people may never struggle financially, but they will also have a tough time getting rich. A good paying job traps you were you are. You’ll be comfortable, but you’ll have a near impossible time getting ahead, financially speaking. Your boss will pay you enough money to get you to your comfort zone, but they don’t want you to be able to “escape” those financial handcuffs.


You may have heard that the most secure place on earth is inside a prison cell. No one can get to you to hurt you, but there is no escape.


The type of people who are looking for security won’t be interested in owning their own business. Owning a business is “too risky” for them. It’s true that if you can’t make a go of a business that you could struggle, mightily.


There’s really no security in owning a business. You’re at the mercy of your clients. If they have financial problems those problems will trickle down to the business owner. That does make owning a business, risky. It can be scary knowing that you’re future is tied to your clients. However, is that any different than having a job? Your company has clients that it relies on to get their money and that’s where your salary comes from. If the company’s clients have problems, they’ll all trickle down to your company. This may make it difficult for your company to give you a raise and the company may find it necessary to fire you if they aren’t profitable enough. You could be downsized, you could be outsourced or offshored or you could just be replaced by a robot. Is your job really secure? Even if you’re able to get a raise, will it be anything more than a cost of living raise? A cost of living raise just keeps you even with inflation. If they decide to skip a raise for you, then you’re losing ground. Your purchasing power is eroding every time this happens.


It seems like there isn’t anything that really offers security. Your job might not be secure and owning a business might not offer you any more security than your job.


do you want the comfort of security


What about having both a job and a small, home based business?


Maybe you can create a supplemental income or maybe you go crazy with a business and get rich. You have a 50-50 shot at success in any business.


Should you own your own business?


The worst thing that could happen is that you spend money on your business and you lose that money. What most anti-network marketers forget to mention is that you can deduct those expenses on your income taxes from your job. Yes, losing money in a business does cost you money, but not as much as you would think. You would need to talk to a tax professional to find out how much those deductions would be and to figure out if that lowers the risk enough to let you have your own business.


Security, especially “job security” is a thing of the past. It’s not 1950 anymore.


Is it worth the chance to own your own business? The rewards can be great, but you are relying on your wits. Will you escape your comfortable life and try to hit the big time or is being comfortable enough for you?


In my opinion, if you settle for a life of security you’ll miss all of the passion that life can offer!



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