Tis the season

It's time to give thanks!


First, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s a time of food, fun and family. Take the day off and enjoy.


But the top money earners know something that most distributors don’t know. The holiday season is not the time to stop working your business. What do the holidays offer?


It’s a time when people and a lot of people gather together to celebrate. This may not seem like an appropriate time to talk business but, it is the perfect time to set appointments. You can ask people to see your new business to see what they think about it and tell them that you want to see them the Tuesday evening after Thanksgiving at 8:00PM at the local coffee shop.


Most people will say yes to the invitation and see your presentation. It’s the holidays after all. You won’t get too many questions and you can always say that it’s Thanksgiving and let’s enjoy the day. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you.


Black Friday is upon us and then Cyber Monday. Think of all those billions of dollars spent, on credit cards. The Visa man is in 7th Heaven! Everyone is feeling good. They just got little Johnnie that new PS3 game or a shiny, new bike. Or maybe they got the wife those diamond ear rings she has been talking about forever. Yes, the Visa man is smiling! And so is everyone else.


That is until the credit card bills come in the mail in December and January. How long will it take to pay all of that off? Probably until next holiday season.


Credit cards gives you the illusion that you can spend the same money twice


How many of those people who just saddled themselves with a year’s worth of debt might be interested in sitting down with you to see how they might be able to make some extra money to pay off the credit cards early? I would say that most would at least want to hear what you have to say.


Don’t be aggressive or obnoxious. It’s just not worth it.


I won’t take up too much of your time the day before Thanksgiving. Between now and the end of January is a great time to get people in front of your business presentation. This is not the time to forget that you are trying to build a business.


Happy Thanksgiving!!



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